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As human beings, we think we know it all. Yet we still have so much more to learn and to some degree, we may never know everything there is to know. If we were to observe things that move and grow around us, things that have been here for perhaps millions of years before man, we could learn much about endurance and survival and about working together for the same desire of all things... to keep living.

Trees are numerous throughout the earth, despite man's carelessness and greed. Many still remain standing today because they are strong although weathering many different kinds of storms. Their roots are deep and they produce many seeds. How wise it would be to learn now that to preserve the existence of humans, we need to take care of our trees.

What about you? What value do you see in what the trees offer us? Share your thought with us...

Daytime cast shadows of doubts on me,
Like the clouds that surround the sky and trees.
So are the ups and downs of my day that is still to be seen,
Yet the day will continue to move along; also for every human being.

It is true that we don't know what the day will bring,
Many will be happy to receive their daily needs,
Some will expect to be getting more than they will receive,
To others the day may be void of joy; depressing.

But just as the trees are surrounded by the cloudy sky,
The trees don't stop living because if they do they will die,
Their trunks keep them upright; no droopy limbs are seen in trees,
No matter what the day will bring, they will still reach, be the best tree they can be.

Those who cast doubts on what their day will be like,
Will perhaps find fault with the day despite,
The fact that they are breathing and can make choices as to what they want to do,
To move away from doubts, will they stay in the "middle," or go to the "left" or "right?"

There are only two roads that a person can choose, as they can't stay in the middle all the time,
Yet they can decide to allow doubts to hang over them like clouds, or they can change their path somewhere along the line.
Cloudy days don't hang around forever, at some point they give way to the light,
So too those who doubt need to let go of their fears or whatever holds them back, and seek find the sunlight in their life.

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