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I Believe

It is interesting, how as humans, we face so many different trials in the paths we take in life. Yet, none of what we have to face need to put us at a place where we face a "dead end" or a "roadblock." True, we might have to take a few detours on our life's journey, but that is what makes every day different from the day before. Excitement lies ahead for us around the next bend.

Sure, we don't wake up thinking, "Okay day...give me something heavy to grieve, or throw some nasty trial my way," but we need to prepare ourselves for the unexpected...as they will come whether we prepare for them or not. We need to give ourselves the "Rah, Rah, Rah," team cheers to help us to believing that we can withstand anything that life will throw our way. We have to believe.

What about you? What is rooted in your beliefs that help you to face life head on and deal with the days as they come your way? Share your thoughts with us...
I Believe,life

I have to believe I have been rooted like a tree,
I have to believe that I am the one, who can now control the outcome of things that happen to me,
I have to believe that I can turn things around,
I have to believe that my roots keep me standing; my feet firmly planted on the ground.

My leaves are like the battles I will face, and I may lose a few,
But I have awakened my spirit, and am refreshed by the morning dew.
I spread my limbs to take in all that life has to offer to me,
My trunk is strong, and will protect me, warding off negative energies.

I will bend when I have too so I will not break,
The wind, the hail and the rainstorms I will shake,
And I will lower my limbs when they are too heavy to keep,
And I will shake off anything that tries to keep me weak.

I believe that my roots have been placed where they need to go,
So that I can continue to be strong and to continue to grow,
And know that I can become like the mightiest of all trees around,
My roots are deep, my trunk is strong, I believe I can turn things around, and keep my feet solidly planted on the ground.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
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