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Ever have a night where your whole family is sitting around in a room... right before bedtime... and no one has anything to say to one another? You sit there for hours, a couple of coffee breaks, several television programs, or a movie or two... in silence... not one word is spoken. This should be enough to make anyone tired! Ready for bed...okay?

You spend a few minutes getting yourself undressed and dressed into your night clothes, brush your teeth, wash your face and hands, perhaps stare at your tired face in the mirror, and then... you turn down the bedding and slide your body under the covers...your head on the pillow. Aahhs, a few yawns, and then you close your eyes hoping to be soon off to dreamland. WRONG!
shhh why,dreamland
You lay there in silence for hours and sleep doesn't come...as it took you that long to figure out what you should do... lay there with your eyes closed hoping sleep would come (mind you that it has been hours so this would not be a good choice), you wonder if you should get up to do something that might aid in sleep coming the next time you get back in bed. Difficult choices we have to make in our lives are not always something we want to deal with in the middle of the night when we should be SLEEPING!

What to do? Stay in bed, or get up. Most times, I end up getting out of bed and turning on the computer to check on my "Friends" or write. What about you? What would your decision be? Share your thoughts with us...


It is late...it is quiet,
Even though I lay here in silence,
My thoughts are keeping me awake,
I have a tough decision to make.

I could lay here for hours with my eyes opened wide,
Being frustrated I could cry,
I could get up again to entertain myself,
I could do something to make me more tired.....it might help.

Since it is words that are jumping around in my head,
I force my tired body out of bed,
And I turn my computer on again,
Sign in to Facebook; my writing I begin.

I type a word, then another one follows and soon I have my first line,
Before I know it, my poems are done; seems I was done in no time.
I shut down my computer and get back in bed,
I should be able to get some sleep,
Now that I have emptied the words that were jumping around in my head!

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Jeanne Claire Probst
Jeanne Claire Probst is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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