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The Unspoken Truth

Have you ever wondered
The words that you muttered,
How hurtful they were
Which you told without a care!

The person listening to you
How he might have felt,
But just let it go
Like an ice cube melt!
the unspoken truth,think,respect
There are times, most times
When you don't realize,
What you have said, &
Move on like nothing happened!

Sometimes you are corrected
Explained & narrated,
What you have just told
But you don't get an instant hold!

When you sit alone thinking
About the words you spoke,
You realize your poke
And just sit there blinking!

This is the unspoken truth
that people don't react,
to what you say, just because
they respect you, &
Expect the same from you!

Just the next time
When you speak,
think twice, &

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Purav Parekh
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