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You will be Okay

It happens to us all. We don't have to go looking for problems, as they seem to come knocking at our door. Yes? What we don't have most of the times when these problems are dropped in our lap, is a solution or plan to how we are going to deal with them, and more importantly, how we will respond to the situation.

I've been know at many points in my life to go off like a firecracker, because I didn't think before I said something or took action. Many of the times I did this, I did not feel good afterwards. And for those who may have seen my reaction, or heard my angry words, they like myself, may never forget what I have said or done. FYI... I don't respond this way anymore... I have made drastic changes in this area but I did at one time not worry about how my response would affect others.

What can we do so that we prevent situations that are negative, so that we can put our words and actions into a way that changes it into a positive outlook, that when put to practice, it can help us realize that we can be successful? In doing this, we set an example for others so that they too can learn better ways to handle problems they may face.
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Planning ahead of time what you may say and do when faced with certain problems can be a big factor in having a better outcome to a situation you are facing. Role-playing with family members the action plan so that all know what to expect and how they can help.

What about you? What have you done in your lifetime as a parent, husband or wife, or even as a child, to help keep the peace in family life in your home so that even when problems come up, everyone can know that everything will be okay? Share your thoughts with us...


When problems in life come our way, maybe a problem every day,
We have to believe that we can find a way,
To fix what we can and what we can't for the moment put away,
So that we can move forward and know, we will be okay.

There are so many ways we can put this statement to work, to release many of the stresses we may face,
And planning what we will say or do, can help us when these situations show up on our plate.
For example, you just sat down to eat,
You are starving, and putting the meal on the table for your family, left you tired and weak.

As the meal dishes are passed around the table, so each person could take what they wanted to eat,
Someone knocks over the pitcher of milk, sending the milk running off the table, onto the floor, and sitting in a puddle at your feet. (Murphy's Law).

While you are doing your best not to scream, being quick not to find someone to blame,
The dog and the cat are licking the milk up off the floor, where it for the moment remains.
But since you planned before hand for moments like this,
You want to see how things can turn out; you activate your plan, because to see this plan through you insist.

You take a moment to gather your thoughts, and you realize that the milk can be replaced,
The table and floor can be cleaned up in just a little bit of time, if you quicken your pace.
You successfully hold back any angry words,
Which once they had been said aloud, they couldn't be taken back, as those around the table would have heard.

Before long, the cat is in the corner licking his paws,
The dog is on the rug by the door, licking his jaw,
More milk has been brought to the table, and the food is still warm enough to eat,
And because you made a positive situation out of a negative situation, you all continue to eat in peace.

You set a good example for others to see, and this can go long way,
To helping all prepare solutions for other problems you could face, on any other given day.
You are apt to feel good about how you handle yourself, and you will proudly be able to say,
I fixed what I could in the best way for all, things turned out better than you thought they could... everything is going to be okay.

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