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Awaken the hibernating grey matter

The little space of 1400cc inside your head houses an ocean of "potential energy" inside it. Recent studies and researches suggest various numbers from 1 terabytes to 100 terabytes, though it varies from one individual to another. However, the fact remains undisputable that brain power is certainly an untapped resource.

It is a popular theory that we use only up to 10% of our brain. However, this is not a proven theory; there have been contradicting results with respect to this study. Given a chance, to enter into a sci-fi world, just like the flick "Limitless" and the recent one 'Lucy', if we could use 100% of our brain, where we could harness the complete power of our brain, probably, moving objects around with the help of the brain waves, if you could invite your friends over to dinner without an endless conversation, but with a simple telepathy message rather than taking the trouble to make a phone call, with cognizant abilities and the stupendous power of photographic memory, where you could just understand by a vigorous flip through the whole book, this could be the place where the "Unagi" would work and the non-living entities of the world would obey your command at the flick of your hand. This would be the typical world in future, probably a 2050 or 2500 in a mind blowing sci-fi age. Well, it certainly seems too good to be true. However, instead of discarding it completely, 'only if this would be the world in future' is something that nobody can declare. But, if we could alter this sci-fi to plausible extent, it would help in stimulating the enthusiasm towards achieving the impossible.
Awaken the hibernating grey matter,brain
With a short journey in our petite time machine, I welcome you to the year 2025! We, now, enter a world where we find a superior technology, where the change has been so vast that they seem to appear in a different dimension. Progress seems to be glaringly evident in this world. As we observe, the drastic change from 1500s to 2000, and now, in 2025, the advancement in technology has only been a result of the advancement of the thought process of the human mind, with the ability to create and innovate seems to have made the only difference. This advancement in the thinking process is achievable by every human. It is possible with long time practices; one major helpful technique would be to subject your brain to condition which would offer it to think extensively and critically. Just like our pencils need to be sharpened, so does our brain. For this, it is highly essential to keep your brain active and only help the brain to think better. If we would have to do this on a daily basis, there are various methods to do so. For example, solving crosswords and Sudoku, mind-benders etc., does help expose your brain to tough situations, for it to be able to handle critical situations and this would only be the process of training your brain. Moreover, the agility in thinking progresses over a period of time.

Another helpful tool would be to focus on one thing at a time. However, brilliant and handy Multi-tasking would seem it probably fits the bill for computers but only a fascination for human beings. It is an undisputable fact that we would only be able to work the best, if we can work on one thing at a time. Otherwise, everything turns out to be a messy and a cluttered affair. It is extremely necessary to keep your stress in check. If your brain is already occupied in dealing with something that is occupying some of its space, it is quite a difficult situation for it to devote some space for any other work at hand. Hence prioritizing your work before jumping into it so as to turn all your focus into it is one of the handy measures in order to function better. Also, since the human brain is a part of the human body, some of its characteristics are quite similar to that of the human body. Just like the body demands rest after long hours of work, so does the brain require rest for efficient working. Adequate hours of sleep do help the brain rejuvenate in order to perform better. Working in a stimulating environment plays a major role for pushing the brain to the zone of efficient functioning. The more number of positive messages, inspiring ideas, thoughts or messages you expose yourself to, the more amount of renewed energy, zeal and enthusiasm you would be able to work with.
As the saying goes, "A healthy mind makes a healthy body". So, it's necessary to keep your mind healthy and let it stay energetic. Rather than letting yourself bury in heaps of worries and troubles, the more you would be taxing your brain with unnecessary pressures, perhaps, it's advisable to channelize that energy in helping yourself stay happy. With these practices, 2025 need not be that far away to step into a world of progress and advancement!

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K.S. Sharanya Iyer
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