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International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

Education is a candle that leads you from the darkness of ignorance to the shining world of knowledge. Karunya joined hands with International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) India, an international Non-Political, Non-Profit organization established on the wake of Second World War to bolster co-operation and technical exposure to the students of various countries.
International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience,internship
This collaboration opens the portals of opportunities to those of you who always dreamt of packing your bags and leaving on a jet plane to a destination of your choice to pursue studies in your selected field.

This association with IAESTE catapults Karunya into a league of elite international universities part of this student exchange program which boasts of its association with world leaders in corporate hierarchy.

Are you that young and ambitious student who is thriving to make a difference?

Do you want to expand your reach to places beyond the horizon?

You want to work for an international organization bolstering technical cooperation?

Do you want to hone your professional skills before you actually step into the corporate world??

We have a solution for you. We bring to you IAESTE. With only few nodal agencies in India, IAESTE is a privilege that only a few people could avail. So, why are you hesitating?? Don't you think IAESTE having a Local Committee in your Campus is a boon?? Jump in... You are in for a ride that could change your world.
To know more:
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/IAESTEKU?ref=br_rs
Website : https://www.karunya.ac.in/iaeste/

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