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Mbele Social Concepts

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Mbele Social Concepts (MSC) (Pty) Ltd, is a Khayelitsha based enterprise. The company is 100% black owned enterprise that provides Information Communication Technology (ICT) education and training to disadvantaged communities with distinct attention to children and the youth as they are future. We facilitate this education and training through computer literacy and encourage computer programming concepts through Scratch programme.
Mbele Social Concepts,computer literacy

We pride ourselves to inspire, empower and uplift our communities to create a brighter and better South Africa through ICT. We strive to be the benchmark contributor of quality, innovative and customized Information Technology training in disadvantaged communities.

  • Bridging the digital divide between affluent and township kids;
  • An opportunity to learn and grow with the ever changing technology world at an early age;
  • Providing a measurable increase in computer access, usage and knowledge in disadvantaged communities;
  • To broaden the disadvantaged child's career choices to ensure better prospects when it comes to employment opportunities beyond matric.
Mbele Social Concepts,computer literacy
  • Brings back the hope to the hopeless environment;
  • Rid our communities of social ills closely associated to hopelessness, abuse of substances like drugs and alcohol, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and crime;
  • Making Information Technology fashionable in disadvantage communities.

To know more:
Mobile: 076 900 1858
Office: 021 839 4561

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