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Tiempo Listo

We deliver virtual personal assistance services, optimizing our customers' time. Tiempo Listo is a service based on human assistants who take care of anything that can be done with a phone and an Internet connection. Our assistants work remotely from everywhere in the country, with different specialties and abilities, giving our customers access to richer results for virtual tasks.

Vision Statement

We believe in Tiempo Listo as a company that shapes cultural behavior through its dedication for work ethics and quality standards. We're not just a company that focuses on creating a strong product by delivering great customer service, but we also aim to become a family where every member feels welcome, and where every person feels like they truly belong. We protect each other, we work and play together, and we make sure we create a happiness that is shared not only within the company but also with our customers and our community.
Tiempo Listo,virtual personal assistance

We prioritize education, both by learning from and teaching others, because this is the way we grow and build our relationships. We encourage professionalism, dedication, and creativity through our passion for our work, and our ultimate goal is to share this and make a positive impact on our community.


We offer B2C products, our "Tiempo Listo plans", which consist of monthly plans with different amounts of credits that can be exchanged for assistances. Usually, 1 assistance equals 1 credit, unless the assistance is of a more complex nature -which allows flexibility on how our assistants can help our customers.

Future Plans

We're working on the beta product of "Tiempo Listo for businesses", a different B2B modality that is meant to assign specific types of assistants for companies that want to automate routine work tasks and also give access to their employees to solve daily, personal tasks; improving both the productivity and the quality of working-life.
Our speed and great customer service are the perfect fit for smart, productive professionals.

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