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Begin again

It was someday when I was writing a diary
Turning back some pages when i found this song of yours
"Standing in front of a broken mirror, i was wearing those high heels
and those long skirts and pale blue shirt that reminds me someday...
you would come again and take me to the places i havent been
But you didnt turn up and this happened be so.......mean
Begin again
So i get my hairs undone,it was as if i am getting off this town
Not to see you again , you dont know about
I took my bicycle and rode along the roads all awashed like my wet dreams
Got to a cafe and just i was about  to write this tragedy of mine
I found a James Taylor, sittin next to me...
And i was getting little shy...

Seeing you laugh was so funny to i never knew how you did
You have those smiles  and your laughter jingles like a little  kid
I have been thinking "love ever does is BREAK ,BURN AND END"
But on that at the cafe day i watched it Begin again.......

You took with me you, i cant lose the sight of your eyes so deep
and you were telling stories of your mother and the last christmas
The Tv shows you talked about, meanwhile the bad episodes I ......skip
Hearing you was listening to some  good old melodious things
Starting with you again was like i was plucking the  right strings
You  came to see off me at the door...and held me so close
I felt the same way as you , you caught me up now and i wasnt afraid of  getting stolen again
Seeing you laugh was so funny to i never know how you did
You have those smiles and your laughter jingles like a little kid...
And i have been thinking  love ever does is "BREAK BURN AND END"
But on that day at the cafe ,i watched it begin again...

................In Specs and wrinkled memories now ,it took a hard time  finding you
and in the last of my breathes ,This love begins again...

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C.Karan Naidu
C.Karan Naidu is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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