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My other significant

I never know where you came from
I was like lost boat in some bay smothered by vicious winds and avenging tides
You just came and literally disapproved my travesty
For you were like a generous calm in weather that had gone through
It was once a treacherous journey, merciless claws tearing me apart
Nothing was heartfelt and gracious untill you swayed those stark clouds miles away
I had lost all the hopes once, as if I had some material tryst with my soul....near ending..

Under an acacia, whose deciduous shades couldnt cover all my glummers
And those chirping of mocking birds and the canary  that were once  all flubbers
Just when I was about to close another monotony 
A swish of little breeze brought some petals from some evangelic gardens and there was this dichotomy
And this rare act of kindness was like the most melodious melody and changed my dolorous songs to something else
Fervor pleaures and now splendor in the next chronologies.....many and not few
This charitable act of yours I wont forget, for I have reached the shore, the destiny 
Now I take this road that leads me to my God, that leads me to you...

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C.Karan Naidu
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