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Anand Naik's Boredbees and Campaign for Entrepreneurship

What can you do to promote a good cause? What can you do to spread good ideas? What can you do to spread happiness and prosperity all around us? What can you do to bring heaven to this planet?
Mr. Anand G. Naik took a drive from Chennai to Delhi with a desire to address over 30000 students in different colleges (on the route) on one purpose “Entrepreneurship as the Goal of Life”. He visited one college after another to interact with students and to motivate them about entrepreneurship. He took the iniative to inspire, motivate and support the new generation towards the path of entrepreneurship. He became an entrepreneur when his classmates were just preparing for IIT. He became solution provider when others were not even clear about problems. Today at 22, he is the role model for students as he offers them ideas, which he has tested out during last four years.

A few days back Mr. Anand Naik came to my institution on his journey from Kota to Delhi. He opened his life’s chapters before the audience and shared how he became an entrepreneur and the challenges that he faced in the process.
Anand Naik's Boredbees and Campaign for Entreprene
Can difficulties bring a new turn in life? Yes, in the case of Mr. Naik it has happened. He faced a break while preparing for IIT in Kota. This break brought hardships and struggle and in turn introduced him towards a new chapter. He had never even thought about entrepreneurship, but this break enabled him to think about this option. Once he entered this field, he has found this to be the most exciting journey of his life. He started BoredBees Tech Solutions India Pvt. Ltd – a venture to provide business solutions. His youthful approach enabled the company to have a youthful culture, entrepreneurial freedom, energetic approach and electric sharpness for creating customer centric solutions. This new journey gave amazing thrill and excitement to Mr. Naik. Later on even when he got admission into IIT, he declined and chose a smaller college so that he could concentrate on his entrepreneurial journey. The joy of entrepreneurial journey propelled him to encourage others to take up this path. He has now converted Boredbees into an incubation support centre for the youth of his kinds to enable them to become entrepreneurs of tomorrow and by offering them full support in the path of entrepreneursihp.

In 2013, Mr. Naik got the Young Entrepreneur Award from Mr. Ratan Tata, which has further enabled him to put in his best efforts in this directions. He now plans to spread the ideas of entrepreneurship across the globe and change the dreams, aspirations and lives of the young generations.  As he completed his talk, he invited audience to raise queries. I will share one question and his answer here to present his perspective:  -
Q. Mr. Naik, you mentioned that you started a software development firm, but you are not able to do coding, then what is your contribution in this firm?

Ans: I am a business analyst and do this role. I help those who are good in coding. I try to see that everyone is able to perform his role as an entrepreneur.

Mr. Naik is right, he is just creating a network of entrepreneurs – which he calls “BOREDBEE”. He is aspring to enable people to do what they are aspiring to do. He is just trying to become an enabler so that everyone can use his / her potential to fulfill the dreams.

I summarise his journey as : - Life is a pursuit of purpose, dreams and aspirations, the sooner you plunge yourself, the better it is.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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