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Enlightening sessions at Startup India Rocks 2015

Entrepreneurship has become a common word in this era, where starting a business seems to be an easy go for many, but, retaining the very same ardour happens only to those who are in continuous action. Scaale group has taken a step forward to help budding entrepreneurs remain zealous by sharing a platform with them to connect to, and learn from Global Investors.
Startup India Rocks, Goa became a platform for transfer of knowledge from diversified experienced Entrepreneurs, Investors to Startups. The two-day event which eventually connects the Startups to their Investors and other startups for collaborations, kickstarted on the 7th of October with the opening Keynote speech by Mr. Kaushal Choksi, Chairman Scaale Group, followed by the Keynote speech of Candace Johnson, President, EBAN where they shared about the vision and how determined they are, to make it happen. This event portrays the action leading to the vision.
Startup India 2015
The Keynote speeches were followed by a session where the startups were given an opportunity to deliver elevator pitch. Hundreds of startups grabbed the chance to share their business ideas, Goals and strategies within time span of 3 minutes, which proved their skills of communication within a short time span, which also decided the better chance of getting funded. Once the energetic and enthusiastic startups completed their presentations, the entire community discussed on building business, followed by the introduction to Angel Investing where in speakers from varied businesses shared about the criterias, goals and objectives of Angel Investment.

Immediately after the discussion on Angel Investment, Stephen Liu (Angel Investor, China & Founder of Cybernaut Investment Group), Anna Degtereva (Founder & CEO of Happy Firm Accelerator from Ukraine), Zhumatay Salimov (Deputy Chairman of the Board, MPA) shared about the Cross Border Opportunities and their views on Cross Border Investments. While people are ready with an idea, they should also have experience in the discipline they wish to start with is the opinion of Anna on Investment. “We are open for Cross Border Investments. If you consider Ukraine or Khazakistan, we are ready to work with local Investors, not only work, but also educate because this is the investment in our eco - system. We have a lot of businessmen with a lot of money but people feel it’s risky to invest in someone at a very early stage when some doesn’t have experience”, she adds.
Startup India 2015
Zhumatay shares the importance of Organizations which helps in finding the right set of startups to invest in. He says, “The Investors play the role of accelerators. It’s difficult to look for good startups, but if there exists a trusted group, like the Scaale group, which can help find the right set of startups, it’s easier. In Khazakistan, we have a lot of Government money coming in. So we need to invest in the right companies, to stay in this kind of Network”. When Stephen was asked about his philosophies in co - investment from India, he shares, “I am very much interested for co - investments which is why I’m here. Being honest, aim of doing financial co-investment is simple. Money in Money back”.
After the discussions on Cross Border Opportunities, the 3 speakers reached out to the startups to discuss one-on-one to clarify doubts and also exchange knowledge, immediately after which, the startups chosen for the next round were announced and the networking continued. While the whole of the community took back huge learnings  and a lot of connections to expand and globalize, the world is yet to see the results of the interconnections for globalizations.

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