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Solar Flare Invasion App - The Right Solar Panel For Your Home

Solar energy is one of the most popular renewable energy that is abundant and environmental-friendly which we can harness from the sun using a range of advanced technologies.
Lot of research has been done on solar energy and this natural resource of energy is said to be the cleanest energy source available on earth. Many households nowadays chose to install solar panel on their house to generate electricity during the day and this is definitely a cost-saving method with good use of natural resource. Even though the sunlight is free, but how much does it cost you to install one solar panel for your home? No more worries!
Solar Flare Invasion - App
In BIGIT Technology Show 2015, Malaysia which featured two concurrent conferences - the 3rd Big Data World Show and Internet of Things (IOT) World Show and also an exhibition which was an exclusive platform for targeted group of decision makers and solution providers to be able to network for better solutions. This exhibition offered great exposure to key players across the world which helps to obtain objectives in a sustainable business development. The exhibitors are Qnap, Lockheed Martin, Suse and many more. These exhibitors are also the reason that the BIGIT show is happening here in Malaysia as they are among the sponsors for the event. It was not just opportunity to showcase and promote their products or solutions, but also to find the relevant partners from companies or stakeholders around the globe. Delegates got to visit the booths at the exhibition throughout 2 days. It was also the best time for investors who were looking for relevant start-ups to collaborate with.

Mr. Leong Yok Tien presented a new mobile app called the “Solar Flare”, It was indeed an interesting name as it reminds of Human Torch in a famous movie “The Fantastic Four”. Solar Flare is actually an end-to-end mobile solar solution marketplace that connects end user with the right solar panel provider. It has a beautifully designed across iOS, Android and Windows and have an automatic calculation of roof area and solar power with GPS function. He explains, GPS will be able to detect the area roof of the targeted house and is able to automatically run calculation of earnings and return on investment (ROI) based on regulators. There is a distributor and financing recommendation with loan calculator as well. In more simple words, we are able to get back some money by selling back the energy such that if we get the right solar panel for our house, we will save up a lot of energy consumption.

Solar panel is strongly recommended to be use in not only households, but also buildings to generate electricity because it is much more relevant to Malaysia as its located near the equator, so we get sufficient sunlight the whole year. Alliance Bank Malaysia is being really supportive for the usage of solar panel and they even provides loan to people to install solar panel in their house.
Mobile applications are getting more and more active in many different industry. People are so familiar with it that they rely so much on the mobile applications on their daily life for instance, “my teksi” app, which is able to detect nearby taxi to bring us to the destination we wanted to go. Now the “Solar Flare”, which allows users to know if they get the right solar panel for their home and at the same time, able to earn some money back by selling energy back. So what’s next?

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