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Wet Behind the Ears? Then Move One Step Forward!

Sometimes, all we need to do is open a window to see the beauty in the world outside. The first step we took as a child is as momentous as the first day at school, or the first competition you won. Read more of the journey of a young enthusiast to Malaysia for a tech show, who has just realised that the world is her oyster!
One of the greatest fears one usually has is when one is trying to step out of his/her comfort zone. We are so used to do what we usually do, because when we do it habitually we eventually grow in confidence. There it goes. Confidence, the key to success, at least that is what I believe. Youngsters these days are so overwhelmed by technology especially in telecommunication. Taking selfies, group photos, pictures of food and more has become a trend over the years. Technology has slowly slipped into everyone’s life and it is now an irreplaceable need that we cannot live without.
When I realised that there is a BIGIT Technology Show happening in Malaysia, I know I really wanted to go because I wanted to grab every chance I can possible reach to gain my knowledge towards Information Technology. Frankly, I did not know what Big Data or Internet of Things (IOT) actually mean before I attended the conferences. So, Big Data is a broad data set that is so complex to the extent that normal and primitive ways of data processing is not enough to handle. In many industries, especially healthcare, is now the top among all the industries that requires to grow with Big Data and Internet of Things to obtain useful information for personalised care treatment. Also, data storage is becoming a great concern as the usage of technology increases, no doubt that the digital amount of data storage has reached a number where we can no longer express in words.

I have also visited booth by booth , and found out one interesting website which currently does not have a specific name yet, but it is more like an analysis of the characteristic of every individual by just keying in the name, birth dates and gender. This website is made by a Taiwanese Company called the Aichain Interactive Software Inc. to predict a person’s traits, behaviour and also career. It is even possible to predict what kind of wine a person would like to drink on that particular day too. 
Attending the BIGIT technology show has definitely broadened my mind especially after talking to few delegates there about their company and also some speakers who shared some experiences and situations the world is facing right now. I have yet to realise how much the world has moved towards the technology in just few years time. Maybe due to lack of experience, I can feel the difference and also eventually I am aware that there are many things for me to explore and expose to. This is not the time to stop, instead, it’s time to venture into the little-known water, understand better and improve to be better.

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IJ Then Chit Siew
IJ Then Chit Siew is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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