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Big Data World Show Mena 2015

Big data is essentially a buzzword, or catch-phrase, used to describe a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large that it's difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. In the vendor’s perspective the term big data also refers to the technology (tools and processes) required to handle the large amount of data and storage facilities.

When captured, formatted, manipulated, stored, and analysed, big data can help a company to gain useful insight to increase revenues, get or retain customers, and improve operations and aid governments in improving the lives of their citizens.
Mena 2015
Henceforward we proudly bring to you the Big Data World Show MENA 2015, where we explore the potential to help companies and organizations make efficient and intelligent decisions through the optimization of big data combined with modern technology tools and platforms applications. This 2-Day premium conference features two streamline events – the Internet of Things and Big Data for Public Sector and will serve as a platform to bring together valuable insights from globally renowned data experts to exchange of ideas amongst highly targeted audience from Directors to Generals, Chief Directors, Head of Department, Managers and Executives from across Asia Pacific to Middle East, UK, Netherlands and Australia.

 With specially tailored presentation topics plus real time big data case studies and plenty of interactive panel discussions and networking sessions, attendees will be well exposed to a wide range of innovative solutions and strategies to bring their organizations forward by utilizing the big data platform to unveil multifarious potentials for growth and improvement across all industry verticals. 

The Big Data World Show MENA 2015will featuredistinguished speakers from:

  • Abdulla Al Madani, CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services [(Roads & Transportation Authority (RTA)]
  • Colin Bannon, Chief Information Officer (CIO) [British Telecommunications (BT)]
  • DanFeng Li, Director (AliBaba)
  • Fadi Salem, Director of Governance & Innovation (Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government)
  • Robert J. Webb, Chief Technology Information Officer (Etihad Aviation Group)
  • Dr.MoatazHassouna, Chief Information Officer (Emaar Properties PJSC)

With cutting edge presentations on key topics such as:

- Exploring and Securing the Future of Big Data with Internet of Things (IoT)
- Pioneering the Future of IoT and Big Data Analytics for Inclusive Growth
- Designing and Innovating Strategies with Open Source Technologies for Connected Smart Cities
- Developing and Implementing Open Data Initiatives into Public Sectors
- Networking Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms for Smart Logistics and Production
- Systemising Cyber Risks with Smart Big Data Analytics for Dynamic Defence 

Why You Should Attend

  • Understand contemporary and upcoming trends and challenges on the use of Big Data Analytics.
  • Remain updated on the latest Big Data and Analytics technology and innovations.
  • Explore network opportunities with senior level industry players of global Big Data vendors and end users, from both public and private sectors.
  • Gain competitive advantage by getting insights on Big Data success stories and solutions from Big Data leaders from leading industries.
  • Discover ways to expand the exposure of businesses by learning how to leverage on Big Data analytics.
  • Understand the wants and needs of Big Data technology from both public and private sectors. 

Who Will You Meet 

About The Organiser

We create platforms for Fortune 500 companies to be updated on the latest trends and acquire latest best practices. BIGIT’s large-scale conferences cover the latest business trends and present industry leaders to share their latest insights, experience and case studies. Our events are regional in nature. The events are conducted in major Asian, Middle Eastern and African cities; Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Shanghai, Jakarta, Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Johannesburg.
The BIGIT series emphasize the importance of information, communication and technology; especially with data and information in both public and private sector to enable industrial and national growth. BIGIT is a one- stop platform that assists organisations in achieving milestones through ground breaking strategies by means of technological innovations.


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