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The Rising Star from Ghana

A lot of today's youngsters complain about what they do not have and forget that, what they have is thousand times the need of many. Amidst such young generation people, this boy not just understands the need of others, but takes responsibility to be the reason to change his country and its people, not just the country, but be the reason for changing the mentalities of youngsters from across the Globe. Read on!
Meet Eric Vondee, who at the age of 21, has known the depth of life and its purpose, has also taken a step forward to understand one of the important problems in his country and move ahead to give it a solution. Unlike most students who depend on parents for Pocket money or other expenditures, Eric, at the age of 18, decided that he no more wanted to get his school fee or pocket money from his parents since he felt that it was time for him to take responsibilities of his work and has till date taken care of all his expenses.
My Home Teacher
While Eric pursued his studies, he also interned as a social media assistant for a magazine where he became the reason to increase the follower base, create articles and stories for the websites thereby creating content for the Magazine. Eric’s passion towards his dreams to stand as an example for the rest of the crowd of his age made him so versatile that his voice and his art of presentation has also made him a Student Radio Presenter for his campus’ radio station. With all of this, he has a passion for singing from the age of 5 and he realized he could also act well when he was 18. Eric has now composed songs which are lined to be recorded, he has enacted in movies like Campus Direct, and the list continues.

Eric’s dream to become an Entrepreneur aroused at a very early age during school when he attended a business seminar at school where the speaker said, "Every problem or challenge is an opportunity to make wealth out of” and this line became a strong foundation for Eric to start something innovative that would find solution to a problem which will also become the source for him to earn. While he planned for it from the initial days, he also knew he had to make a good sum for the initial investment before he starts implementing his idea. Eric’s passion to teach and his strength to present well made him a teacher at the community school even before he joined the University of Cape Coast (UCC) where he is currently pursuing B.Sc. Actuarial Science.
My Home Teacher
While he constantly brainstormed for an idea, Eric understood that education is an important aspect of every person’s life and that the students needed private teaching to perform better in their academics because of which he was moved to go to students’ houses to teach them and earn an income. The result of this introspection and experience in teaching, reflected in building a business model where he could bring the teachers who could teach well, and help them earn an income besides helping the students by providing home tutoring service. On one side, the parents would be comfortable and secure when they see their kids learn from their own houses and on the other side, the teachers or the educated who may not have been able to earn their living, got a chance to educate the students, enhance their knowledge, manage to earn a good living and this business venture was named ‘My Home Teacher’.

There were two most toughest challenges for him to start this business model for which he had pre-planned for a solution to face these challenges. Firstly, the initial financial investment required to start his venture, for which, he had saved a part of all his earnings to ensure he does not face a problem when he initiated the business. Secondly, it wouldn’t be easy for anyone to convince the parents unless they trusted him and Eric had once again prepared to face this challenge from his experience in teaching where he was the reason to help improve many students who would not perform in their education earlier. This helped him gain the trust of parents because of which ‘My Home Teacher’ had already reached houses at the initial stage itself.
My Home Teacher
Every student who is a part of ‘My Home Teacher’ is assured of growth along with practical knowledge because of the continuous growth in teachers too. We ensure that the teachers are constantly learning and preparing before they go out to teach, they are advised to take up short online courses to stay abreast of the current trends and are also supervised by the parents of these students to ensure effective teaching and learning. We measure the teachers performance based on the students performance at school according to their academic report” states Eric regarding his idea to elevate the student’s performance. He believes that maintaining the standards is equally important for a continuous growth for which quality teachers are recruited. He also ensures to keep the teachers comfortable by assigning them the students’ homes in their nearby localities to reduce the travel cost and time. Along with helping teachers learn more to teach better, ‘My Home Teacher’ also keeps track of the parents at the end of every week in order for the parents to address their concerns and comments about the teacher's style of teaching. The parent is seen as a pivotal part of the business and hence Eric engages them often to know how they feel about ‘My Home Teacher’.

It is never easy for a student to manage when he has a huge to-do list and when Eric was asked about his secret to manage them well, he says, “It is truly challenging to manage one’s business and academics at school, but the secret is that I am a strong advocate of setting priorities for myself. I set priorities and make sure I do the things that are only geared towards fulfillment of my dreams in life. I do not waste time at all, because for me, Every second counts. Every minute is wealth creation for me. I value my time which is why I believe I am able to succeed at what I do”. He also adds a message for the youth, “We should be entrepreneurial and solve the problems in our society rather than complaining about them. We must also work on our passion alongside the talent and make wealth out of it”.
The Entrepreneurial spirit of Eric got its shape from his parents and mentors who have imparted knowledge in depth, given a shape to his dreams, always taught him to help others achieve and have made him to be a problem solver and not someone who complains. Eric who believed in what they taught executed the learnings and has taken a step forward to help educate the kids of his country, Ghana and also forsees that Home Schooling is the next big thing since every parent wants the best for his / her child and would want to help them get quality education. He further envisions to help with the performance in academics of more children from the other nations of Africa and then, contribute to the whole world to help achieve quality education.

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