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How I Wish

How I wish I could hear her voice,
Telling me happily about her choice.
How I wish that she were my spouse,
With whom I would live in a humble house.

How I wish I could hug her tight,
And never let her out of my sight.
How I wish I could kiss her lips,
And tightly hold on to her hips.
How I Wish
How I wish I could hold her hand,
And take her to my Fantasy Land.
How I wish I could make her mine,
And walk with her through sands of time.

How I wish I could see her glow,
That time should move on so very slow.
How I wish I could be her love,
That’s something I will fall short of.

How I wish we could dance in the rain,
That would be the end of my pain.
How I wish I could sing her a song,
And take her through my life along.

How I wish I weren’t so weak,
How I wish I weren’t so bleak.
How I wish this dream never end,
This only message to God I send…

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