Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.


Humanity; The goal to achieve

Life is a true testimony of chaos & randomness,
It’s a confusing maze & our search is for ultimate happiness.

Birth for some is not a blessing & a thing that isn’t so right,
For, till death, life is a mad chase for unknowns & a long fight.

Twists, turns, ups & downs are a part of this journey,
Living them all with hope of joys unlimited is the key.
The search is answered in installments & in a few moments,
At times joy is found today in likes, shares and comments.

During this journey, Nature is the one that is closest to peace,
You shall know when you take chances to be lost in beauty of hills, rivers & trees.

Our heart searches for purity & divinity, mind searches for serenity,
Surprisingly, we find all answers to our searches, in our own community.

If only there was love, genuineness & brotherhood unto infinity,
The search for all answers would end with one word and that is ‘humanity’.

Life would still be chaotic & random,
A maze certainly, but filled with peace & altruism.

Birth would be a blessing in disguise & certainly feel much more right,
To pass on that blessing, would be life’s most satisfying fight, would be the life’s most satisfying fight.

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