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Love - The emotion

Love is one of the vital emotions that god has bestowed upon mankind. From Adam-Eve to Romeo-Juliet, from stone age to the modern gadget era love has always been the epitome of togetherness and harmony. It is this feeling which defines human being as a social animal. Having said that, love can never be defined nor it can be confined to a particular region or space. In other words love is unbounded. It is a free bird which can never be held captive. This feeling can't be demarcated in the basis of caste, religion, community, country, continent. It can exist between a boy and girl, mother and son, brother and sister, husband and wife, employee and employer. The list goes on. But of late, evil feelings like greed, corruption, dishonesty, jealousy, ruthlessness etc. have taken a front seat instead.
Love the Emotion
The very foundation of love has changed in the 21st century. Today there is love mostly for money, power, higher social status. Ethical values of love have changed considerably since the first human beings came to earth for love goes hand in hand with kindness. Along with love, kindness gives real meaning to a human life. Today no one cares about the young orphan boy who goes to bed every night with an empty stomach while the rich brat has a sumptuous meal along with a glass of wine or champagne. Hanging around with friends is fun while taking care of elderly parents is a liability. Man hates man, every other nation is engaged in a war either directly or indirectly. Some with other countries, while others are engaged in a battle within. Everyone wants to stamp their authority on others and show their supremacy. Peace, harmony, togetherness are slowly asphyxiated to death by the immoral entities. Love is burried deep inside these entities.

Every person in this world is running after something or the other without knowing the very meaning of our life. Some of which are really unnecessary. Who cares about love and other stuffs when they all have their own little battle going on their head to become a millionaire?
No one is satisfied with what they have and are constantly trying to conquer and achieve more and more. It is time that all of us pause for a while and ask ourselves a question - "Who are we and what is our purpose in our life?". As we seek answers to these questions we will realise that love is a part of the answer. Think about it for a while.

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KJ Shameem
KJ Shameem is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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