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Dream Team International

What is the ultimate goal of education and that of all educational institutions? Answer : Transformation of the youth into a highly skilled, energetic, confident and conscientious youth.  What should we do for this? Is there any solution? Answer : There are many initiatives taken by people across the globe and one such solution is – “Meritorious Memory” launched by Dream Team International.  What 25 years of education cannot do, can be done by just 25 days of training. What our education system has ignored - has been identified. What we have failed to impart to our next generation - has been rectified. I am talking about the small beginning of a new revolution - the process of transformation of the youth to enable them to actualize their capabilities.
Dream Team International
Ancient India didn’t have written text books, yet the scholars were able to remember every texts verbatim and they passed on those texts through Shrut (through discourse only). Today people are looking at those processes so that we can take the best out of those skills in the present times. We have many scholars who are focusing on these sectors.

R P Singh, Kunjesh Sharma, Manoj Sharma, Lalit Lata and Rahul Purohit have started a new revolution – transformation of human potential. The name of this company is Dream Team International. They use Yoga, Meditation and ancient Indian techniques for memory improvement. It is now a decade that they have been promoting these concepts. Today, they just need a few weeks to transform the memory of any person.

Yoga, Meditation, Vision and self-instruction using techniques of deep relaxation adopted from Indian culture and practices have enabled the students to learn easily. Mr. Singh and his team have conducted many sessions in schools colleges and institutions all over North India.

Iconic memory is the outcome. A person would read a book and would remember everything from that book. A person would see something and would be able to remember everything. The results will be visible in examinations, personal life and in overall success in life. Their 6 hour programme itself would start the process of transformation and they charge just less than $9 for this, which enables a student to understand the working of mind, brain and concentration. However, something more than this is done to ensure contribution to the society. Brilliance without a caring heart is fatal. Intelligence without a societal goal is dangerous. Dream Team International focuses on inculcating values for social service in all its programmes with extensive training in commitment to social development. Thus the outcome is not just excellent memory and mind power, but it is supplemented with a societal approach. Their initiatives have enabled hundreds of students in the process of transformation.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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