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MocDoc - A One-Stop Solution for Patients, Doctors and hospitals

In this Era of E-Commerce where most of our work happens online, but taking appointments in hospitals via a phone call, getting receipts and reminding your doctor about your previous condition has been an activity that hasn't changed since ages. This young set of energetic people who decided to overcome this problem, have joined hands to help automate the process for patients, doctors and hospitals with just a few clicks. Read on to know how!
Generally when there is a need to locate the nearest doctor, it gets delayed, especially, when it’s an emergency. A lot of times when there is a requirement to get an appointment with a doctor, either the phone doesn’t connect or the given contact number is busy or unavailable. At the same time, for the doctors, it is not easy to recall the medication or the consultation provided for every particular patient the previous time he was consulted. MocDoc, a single automated solution for hospitals to ensure maintain their database, help doctors connect to the patients better by understanding the previous consultations without the need to ask them for the details, and an online portal for the patients to connect to the right hospitals, doctors and book appointments.
Senthilkumar, Co-founder of MocDoc says, “I found that, in the U.S, if there is more effort that goes behind a work and is expected to be repeated, it is automated to help get the work done easier. This made me come back to my country and create an automated system in the field of Healthcare which resulted in a huge crowd of patients connect to the right doctors faster and better”. With the family’s background of medical sciences, health was always a concern he had and wanted to help the society with health issues. Having worked in the IT industry during the transformation period of technology where there was an emergence of e-commerce and social media sites, for about a decade, he was also inspired to be the change in the economy with the use of technology but the right idea was yet to be conceptualized. At the same time, when he and his friends were locating for a doctor in the nearby area for an emergency, it took more than half an hour for them to identify, which became the reason for starting his venture and this is how MocDoc , the first ever portal in India for registering online appointments started along with his friend who joined hands to create the revolution. More ideas followed when they found that it is more difficult to not just get to know the right doctor, but also for the hospitals, to manage the details of every patient. This is how more features added to MocDoc.

With a team of 35, MocDoc has had a 50,000 diagnosed reports stored in its database, more than 14Lakh appointments booked through its online portal and 17 lakh patients registering online. “My initial investment were the savings from my work in the IT industry, also a few friends and our family supported us. We always need to be prepared before we start. Preparation is not just the money, but also the research that you do. we met a lot of doctors and visited many hospitals, identified the huge amount of work being done manually and understood the problems, which helped us create a better system, which, otherwise wouldn’t have emanated the way it has. ”, states Senthil.
Imagine, while you get treated, if the doctor remembers your condition the previous time you consulted him, it’s always a connected feeling and a better environment. MocDoc has been the reason to provide such an environment to doctors and the patients with the creation of its online system, which helps save the time for doctors, which is spent in conversing with the patient more about what is the current condition and the previous treatments provided. The benefits just don’t stop there. There are times when there will be a need for you to consult another doctor due to the unavailability of the regular doctor you consult, you still need not worry because MocDoc will help you store your records and reports in its system which could be used any time when required.

Business is all about discovering and innovating ideas that will be a solution to the current problem or a better problem solver than the existing system. Curiosity is the key to drive you to make an attempt. The idea that emerged out of a curiosity to reach doctors faster, is today a powerful system that has made the work easier and has saved thousands of hours of work. Staying updated, improving the product continuously, reducing the cost with the improvement of the product, satisfying the customers have been the key secrets for MocDoc to reach a huge customer base at a faster rate.
As the productivity and demand increases, responsibilities increase and hence, MocDoc moves a step ahead to ensure its customers are always satisfied by reducing the number of clicks in the system and making it more easy, every time there is a launch of the next version. Getting the right team, everyday motivation in the team to execute faster along with patience have been some of the challenges of this Entrepreneurial journey of the founders which, they have been able to manage amazingly well. With a huge experience in the field of online automations, Senthilkumar’s message to every beginner is “Every journey is unique in its own way but it’s important to have a journey in life. So, prepare yourself, jump in, and get YOUR hands dirty! If you have an idea, get the like minded people, create the product, hand it over to the market and then learn from it to make improvements. Most importantly, believe that anything is possible but it only takes some time to gain its value”. While the team targets more cities across the country in the next 12 - 18months, they believe in expanding across the globe in the next 5 years and that will be the new beginning for MocDoc to come up with solutions for more issues.

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IJ Kavyashree
IJ Kavyashree is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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