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Startup India Rocks 2015 - An experience of crossing borders for Indian start-ups

Scaale presents a platform for innovative start-ups of India to witness international investors share their expertise and help them valuate cross border opportunities and build value for an exit.
Startup India Rocks 2015
The first ever international start up meet in India organized by Scaale Group which implements solutions to  startups from across the Globe, witnessed hundreds of start-up ideas in a 2 day event at The Leela, Goa where networking with investors became one of the most important goals of the delegates who participated.

While pool of Start-ups from across the globe pitched their ideas and objective in front of the prestigious panel of investors at the Startup India Rocks 2015. 3 startups from India, Finland and Spain were nominated the best amongst rest. Amarsh Chaturvedi, Director of Transerve Technologies which was the only Indian start-up to win the hearts of the panelists. He shares with utmost confidence, “I am just feeling I’m on top of the world. The news just broke, It’s amazing to see this happening and never imagined I’ll be the only Indian in the top three of the summit’s winners”. His response also showed his focus on the next plans, “A very few start-ups have entered into smart cities today and this is a very niche space where not many companies try to venture into.
Startup India Rocks 2015
To be frank, we are talking about smart cities from since  almost 2 years now and this is about making all cities smarter, where as there are 7900 cities in India and We will make them smart”. His only message for Entrepreneurs from across the globe is to focus on the customers and the learning comes from his experience of venturing into 6 cities so far.

Vesa Perälä, Founder of CLANED Group , a learning Analytics Company which helps improve the learning results with the use of technology and by recommending personalized materials most suited to an individual, who also made it to the top spot shares, “I did not even know it was a competition, but getting recognized for the work is always nice. Education is really interesting here in India. We have really something amazing coming up”. He also adds a message to Entrepreneurs from across the Globe and that is, “Go International! I believe that entrepreneurs should often attend such international events and feel the air to always get a better perspective”.
Startup India Rocks 2015
The most appreciated start-up which was declared a winner among 3 top start-ups  of the Startup India Rocks 2015 was Womenalia, Founder of the Spanish start-up Miss. Maria Gomez Del Pozuelo feels proud to be representing the women from all across the world and believes that bringing the women community together to help each other achieve professional goals, will eventually create more number of women entrepreneurs which is the goal of Womenalia. Her message to start-ups, “Believe in your goals, participate in such events and show your inner potential.

Being the most innovative idea, Womenalia won an one month long feature from   iUeMagazine (Online media partner of Startup India Rocks). She shares her happiness saying “Thanks to iUeMagazine for giving this opportunity”.
Every participant returns home with a huge network of Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and also unforgettable moments of their life. It’s now time to utilize the network and actually cross borders through this conference. Stay awaited to know more about the experiences of the delegates, Investors and the organizers.

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IJ Kavyashree
IJ Kavyashree is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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