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The Data Science leadership role will be brought to the fore in San Francisco this November!

The launch of the inaugural Chief Data Scientist, USA is set for November 16-17 2016 at the Hilton Financial District, San Francisco and brings together a high-level community of senior data science practitioners to get a detailed picture for developing the leadership role of data science.
Data Science leadership
This is not an event only for Data Scientists but one which will assist anyone looking to fully exploit the data science capability within their organization and the conference begins with a choice of masterclasses  that set the Data Science scene:

How Data Science and Advanced Analytics saved Schlumberger $100 million

Neil Eklund, Chief Data Scientist, Schlumberger explains how data science and advanced analytics provide the tools that could result in millions of dollars of increased profit for your organization and competitive advantage over your rivals.

Learn to identify and meet real business needs in order to go beyond insight and unlock maximum value for your organization 

Satyam Priyadarshy, Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton examines the tools and techniques needed to translate data science insight into business enhancing action.

Get to the heart of Data Science at the Main Conference:

Using an interactive format, the forum will bring together over 100 senior-level data science peers to share their latest innovations, best practises, challenges and use cases, as well as facilitate conversations and connections:

What does it really mean to be a Chief Data Scientist, and what strategies will lead you to success?

 In this keynote presentation, Ashok Srivastava, Chief Data Scientist, Verizon asks where should analytics end and data science begin by giving his in-depth analysis on the Chief Data Scientist role. 

Discover the path to establishing a truly data-centric culture and realizing organizational change

Mouneer Odeh, Vice President & Chief Data Scientist, Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health will create a compelling case for change and overcoming resistance in following science over business instinct. 

What are the data science challenges your organization is facing and what steps are you taking to overcome them? These further agenda topics will be able to support your strategy:

  • What does it really mean to be a Chief Data Scientist, and what strategies will lead you to success? Where should analytics end and data science begin? 
  • Democratizing Data Science: Empowering non-technical analysts to use data science tools and make better informed judgements, leading to a greater data-driven culture 
  • The Data Scientist as a Partner in Success - Building Positive Relations with Internal Stakeholders: how can we convince other teams to work constructively with data science? 
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