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Breaking barriers to create a positive change : Youngsters from Pune become the reason to ignite lives!

College, studies, assignments and exams are the first set of reasons that a student gives whenever he/she is pushed to do something new. Here are a set of students from Pune who amidst their other routines, have been the reason to create an impact in underprivileged children, motivating them to lead a better life!
i3 delegates of season 10 in Pune took an initiative to execute the iUY2C (Youth to Children) Project, which involves the youth of the country who teach the students of government schools about important lessons of life, not found in our syllabus. The project has been the reason to impact more than 400,000 children in the last few years of its execution and it also inspired the delegates to contribute for the betterment of the society.
Breaking barriers to create a positive change
The delegates have continued to execute various social projects every single week since the start of their season of i3 in Pune. i3, a conference-based platform that invites achievers from various domains to share their experiences with the delegates, also helps the delegates achieve personal excellence through the execution of social projects. The delegates who have executed these projects have not only been helped at excelling their skills but have also helped in making them realise their fullest potential, to be able to work towards their dreams with more clarity. 

Tejas Sanjay Lad, an engineering student who has been a consistent performer since the beginning, also executed iUY2C with great zeal although there were other personal challenges which still did not stop him from being able to inspire the young kids. “My father was admitted at the hospital at that point of time because of various health issues. But, at the bottom of my heart, I still wanted to go all out and inspire the kids. I wanted to mainly create awareness on usage of computers for a better education, and on health & hygiene, which is very important especially because these children come from an environment where these smaller but important lessons are not taught to them! I went to schools to request the principals to permit me to educate the kids. Although there were a few rejections, there were some of them who were happy to see students like us reaching out to help inspire the children. I was overjoyed when I addressed the students in the government schools and at an orphanage. Their responses when I taught them something new gave such an amazing feeling. I want to continue to inspire more children, connect with them and help them in every way possible to make them a responsible citizen. It feels so proud to be the reason to at least make a small change in someone’s life. Executing these projects every day has definitely made me a far better person than what I was.” says Tejas who inspired more than 75 children in a matter of days, along with his college and other routines.

Jay Eknath Patil, who is currently pursuing B.Sc. in Biotechnology at Fergusson College, Pune, also impacted 40+ children, teaching them the importance of higher education and inspiring them towards a positive attitude. He shares his first time experience of influencing the children – “It was a beautiful experience when I went and spoke to them at an orphanage. It was initially truly challenging for me to push myself to do it, but once I did, I realized what I would have missed if I hadn't executed the project. Each of them had such big dreams, which made me think twice if I were like them at that age. This truly proves the potential in our country and its people! A little effort with guidance is sure to make them stars! I was able to understand myself better when I went and spoke to them. I realized that I can be a much better person!” The delegates together became the reason to ignite the lives of hundreds of children, with their passion. The economy continues to grow with the small steps by these youth who are creating a positive change in their surroundings. No doubt that the country shall see more youth icons emerge; the ripple effect is sure to be enormous!

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