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Are you in for the re-creation of a healthy environment?

While on one side, the world continues to harm the environment through pollution by different means, there are also people who are suffering due to the harm caused. Numerous of diseases with no cure are continuing to evolve, but there are a very few people working hard towards creating a better environment! Can you also be one of the reasons to help recreate the healthy environment? Read on.
“I don’t want to lead a healthy life” said no one ever; the solution to lead a healthy life is a healthy environment. While we are all focused on taking medicines to cure the current health problems, most of us have forgotten to work towards preventing the next health issue. Although the reason is well known, it is overlooked. Planting trees, reducing usage of plastics, carpooling are some of the known ways to prevent pollution on a large scale, but is still neglected for the sake of convenience.
healthy environment
The i3 delegates of Pune, who have been executing projects to help solve various social issues, found the negligence in people and hence began to create awareness, letting the society know how big a threat it is for us to even survive, if the environment is not taken care. The city of Pune was made aware of what it takes to keep one’s environment safe, by these young college-going students.

Punit Sanjay Jain, who is currently pursuing 2nd year civil engineering in MIT Pune, was the reason to create an impact of more than a thousand people in a matter of 7 days. “The social media being the place where the bigger part of the world is always available, my friends and I decided to write blogs and share it with the network. We created awareness on the simple things people can implement in their daily life, which can create a safer environment. The blog was viewed by hundreds of people from around the world. We also began to create posters which showcased the message of saving trees and saving water. These resources are so important to human life and we cannot harm them or pollute them. We made people understand the mistakes they do in their daily life that will in fact ruin their health. A lot of them did not know about the basics that we shared, but promised to take care and be cautious anymore. More than 200 people were directly met by us and were shared about protecting the environment. It feels wonderful to know that we are being one of the reasons to help shield Mother Nature.”
healthy environment
Not only was awareness created, but people were also made to plant saplings nearby their homes. Aditya Bagul, one of the zealous i3 delegate delegates, planted saplings and also involved the public in planting. “It is we who have to safeguard our environment and should not regret later while we suffer. The message of ‘Go Green’ was something I wanted to preach through the project and people were really inspired when they heard about it. I really believe that they will stay more responsible anymore. I am glad I could be a part of this small contribution to the society” states he. Tejas Lad, also a delegate who was a part of the execution, created awareness about how the used flowers that are thrown away can be reused to prevent soil erosion. Every delegate moved out of his/her comfort zone to help create a better environment for the future.

Little effort from each of us, to solve the bigger issues is certainly a necessity to keep our world safe from more destruction. If the efforts of a few young people can mean so much in making the environment better, more hands joining together shall not only help prevent further damage, but also help reduce the harm already caused! It’s high time to Stop Thinking and to Act NOW!

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IJ Kavyashree
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