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Reusing the remains, to brighten the lives of children!

The i3 Season 9 delegates of Bangalore became the reason to collect more than 100,000 sheets of paper, as a part of the iU OSB (One Sided Books) project in a matter of 7 days' time!
The delegates were thoroughly inspired on hearing about the idea behind the project in itself. iU OSB is an initiative where schools, Xerox shops, offices or banks, that have papers which are used on one side and are then thrown away, are collected, bound into new books and are donated to underprivileged students in Government schools. This project has had a history of donating thousands of books in the last few years of its execution and now, it was executed by the set of young individuals who put a lot of effort to create a change in the society and build themselves through their contribution.
iU OSB (One Sided Books)
Mallika, a 3rd year engineering student from Vemana Institute of Technology, who became the reason to collect more than 40,000 sheets of paper, leading her circle of friends, managing her college time and studies, along with the execution. On asking about her experience, she shares, “The day the project of the week was announced, I decided to target a random number which was 15,000 sheets. This would in fact help so many students, who cannot afford to buy a notebook, but on the other side, so many sheets are just thrown away although they could be used. Initially, I started searching for them in my house itself and found hundreds of them from my old books and other reports. If I alone could find so many, I wondered how much would go waste in each of my friend’s and neighbour’s houses. That is where it all started! I knew that there were more places I could go and ask for the same. I began to approach Xerox stores. Many of them were not even aware of such initiatives and were truly happy to help but sometimes, I was also criticized. That triggered me to work harder and not stop myself. While I kept planning, I approached the school where I had graduated from. The Head mistress was so proud to see me doing this and handed over the keys to a room that had old books in it. I was surprised to see that there were so many books just thrown in a room without being used. I still wonder how many books in every school are left behind. I would really want to help more kids to be able to get access to write in books. I would like to thank my parents, friends and cousins who helped me execute this project so well.
iU OSB (One Sided Books)
A lot more people were sceptical about our advantages in doing such activities. My answer to them is - Yes, we do have advantages – the lessons of life that books cannot teach! Having executed 8 such projects in the last 8 weeks has transformed me to an extent that I myself cannot believe. I really feel that youngsters should involve themselves in such activities that serve the society, which shall in turn help them a lot more. As students, we actually have more time when compared to the rest; we have a lot of time that simply goes waste otherwise. Such activities are sure to change anyone’s life. I wish to thank i3 for giving me an opportunity to explore myself and my mentor for guiding me at every step. I have now started believing in myself and am confident that I will achieve a lot more in life!” Such matured thoughts of a college-going student certainly prove the potential in our youngsters, who can reach heights given the right direction.

Monika, a student from the same college became the reason to implement the project not just in India, but also in other countries including Zimbabwe, China and Sweden. “I wanted to spread this message of reusing what is not completely used. I began to involve as many friends possible. While I was thinking how I could impact more lives, I remembered a friend who currently resides in China. She helped me connect with another friend of hers from Africa and the process continued. When I shared about the initiative, they were extremely happy to know and helped implement the project in other places! They did a commendable job in helping me scale the execution! They collected more than 9000 sheets of paper, made them into books and also donated it to kids out there. I felt so proud that I was able to help children in other countries too, with the help of my friends there! ” says Monica, who was able to collect more than 15,000 sheets of paper.
iU OSB (One Sided Books)
There were 18 other delegates involved in executing the project, who contributed with the best of their abilities. Some of the major supporters were Rakshitha who also involved volunteers to execute the project in other cities (including Bellary, Ranchi and Mysore), Navyashree, Reshma, Meghana, Chaitra, Kavya and many others.

More than 100,000 one side-used sheets that were collected shall be bound into new books and donated to the students in need with the support of iU Cares Foundation. The world is definitely in need of more such innovative concepts and such highly inspiring youngsters to be able to create a better and a selfless society. Simple ideas implemented by such empowered minds, are sure to create a massive change!

Stay awaited for more updates on the other projects being executed by these delegates, who are continuing to impact the world to make it a better place to live in!

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