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Love makes us

Love makes us strong, even though the heart within is weak
Love makes us smile with tears in eyes
Love makes us happy, even when reasons to be sad are many
Love makes us selfless when the world around is selfish
Love makes us
Love teaches to share, even when we have not much in spare
Love teaches us to forgive and forget, even when the scares made are deep and bad
Love makes us daring, when situations are weird and strange

Love teaches us to care, even when we receive none in return
Love teaches us to expect less but give more
Love teaches us to accept even when the reasons to reject are many.
Love teaches us to appreciate and be gentle even in little ways

True love makes us strong
The lord almighty himself preached the good news of love
For in love nothing goes wrong
Love changes you and makes you new.

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Sonal Lobo
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