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Saluting the Soldier

When flower stoops
it salues you
When stars sparkle
they salute you
When the wind blows
it salutes you
Saluting the Soldier
It is not the Sun
Nor the Moon
That protects us
It is only you
Who is there behind us
Always ready, ever vigil

Upon your clarion call
We shall all follow you
You conquer all terrains
All calamities and all difficulties
You subdue all enemies
Those hidden and those fleeting  

No fire can match
The fire that you emit
no Tsunaami can match
Your attcks on the enemy
the pinnacle of bravery
no thunder can match
your shout on the border
the epitome of alacrity

Stay Firm as rock
Determined to Save
Protecting the nation
The Savior of all
We smile upon your assurances
Relying upon your dexterity
We sleep while you awake
We rejoice while you bleed
You the Himalaya
We the dust
You the Ganges
We the droplets

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