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Education And The Spirit Of Explorer

What does pursuit of higher education mean to you?
Education And The Spirit Of Explorer Life is only so long before all becomes the same, like, eating at the same restaurant for a period of 40 year, with realisation of its short comings fully realised at the 10 year, variety is definitely the spice of life which goes to show how much people do not explore all life’s options as familiar is better than new which could explain the grip the congress party has over the masses for the last half century, to be put it mildly, so the better thing to do is seize the opportunity and not give to familiar comforts of the familiar, which is why most people don’t achieve anything of renown as they only stay in their immediate neighbourhoods and don’t bother to travel very far and gathering data on things that could ,if done correctly, help opportunities which would go a long way in establishing fame and fortune long beyond the average areas of their birth, which everyone wants to feel.

The most one could add to their own tiny achvements is the possibility of missed opportunity they would almost certainly bring up if discussing regrets of things not done or said and thus lead to the central crux of the article.

The concept of education particular higher education was looked upon with same fervour as one espousing ambitions to conquer Europe (i.e. from fanciful to ludicrous) in the past which meant people could or should not go for higher education if there was a farm to be attended to or daughter to be married off, higher education offshore was more or less the worse of than ones immediate familial concerns which would explain a whole lot about lack of importance given to higher education in the country.

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So the more people don’t accept certain things in life they are constantly going to be made to look the fool by people, who for the most part, have not become victims of following traditions which when you think about it is quite fitting for people who believe that nothing changes and have their thoughts and actions all tuned to that respect which will help in understanding problems which germinate from the problems for the economy due to people who do not get the fact that many people who graduated do not want to stay in the country where their talents will not be recognised by people.So to summarize education and exploration go hand in hand with life and it should not be taken for granted if people wish to take the traditional stance on things which many of them disagree with and hope Adam smith or his invisible hand will fix anything, but they are welcomed to believe anything that gives them comfort.If you think this helped you or can help your friends/relatives share it ahead with them. If you have valuable comments to add, shoot them below or tweet them to us @iUeMagazine

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