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The 10 Inspiring Office Commandments

Spending the majority of your day in an office with a variety of different personalities naturally causes tension, but it is highly likely that the everyday stresses that arise in your office environment can be avoided with a few simple rules.
This infographic states 10 office commandments that will be sure to settle petty disputes and keep the office space a peaceful and problem-free zone. These commandments address problems associated with:

  • Smelly foods
  • Loud music
  • Using other people’s property without permission
  • Messy areas
  • Lack of teamwork
If you are looking to expand or start from scratch with a new office, why not check out the variety of serviced offices in Liverpool Street on offer?Apply these commandments to your office and sit back, relax, and watch employees bond together like never before. Having some ground rules will help to increase motivation, employee engagement and employee productivity, which in return, will decrease disputes and slacking. It's highly important to understand that great businesses are always built on sound on office spaces and it's important not just to find the right office spaces, but also bring these commandments into practice. If you love the infographic here, share it with your colleagues, partners and investors.

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