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Bangalore's Lady Trainer cum Entrepreneur Gets Into the League of Finalists. You Can Have Her Win! Vote.

Here's your chance to support her work and help her win to become a true role model for many others who are making their way up.

An excerpt about Kiahra A Punjabi from CEO Magazine:

Bangalore's Lady Trainer cum Entrepreneur Gets Int Kiahra is a Bangalore based learning strategist, who cofounded Sankalp Academy with her husband Amit Punjabi in 2007 to empower and enable people so that they can produce progressive results in every area of life by helping them to realize their potential and nurturing it. The academy conducts a wide range of training and coaching programs and conferences that aid people in strategizing their life using the cutting edge science of Neuro Linguistic Programming & People Skills and Experiential Learning.

Kiahra got acquainted to the world of facilitation, training and coaching in 2006 while she was pursuing her education. There she observed how bleak and confused people feel about their ambitions and how they work towards its achievement. She tried and started analyzing various attitudes that aided them in self-actualization. Speaking about what stimulated her ideas to set up the academy, Kiahra says, “I realized the value this world of facilitation can add to any individual’s growth. I understood that having the right mindset with the right tools, resources and skills could ensure people achieve the success they have always longed for. After being involved in a few sessions & workshops and bringing visible transformation in people by facilitating conversations, I just knew that this is what I wanted to keep doing. It was then that I decided to start Sankalp Academy with Amit.”

Kiahra knew that the journey of their entrepreneurship would be very challenging initially. She and her husband prepared themselves for all kinds of challenges as they were well aware of the fact that success achieved in initial stage would create the road to academy’s long lasting prosperity. They assumed their roles to start its working. While her husband decided to be the face of the organization to potential clients, Kiahra chose to be the pillar behind to set a strong foundation for it. As she puts it, Bangalore's Lady Trainer cum Entrepreneur Gets Int “Anyone can support a cause or the growth of an organization purely out of excitement but knowing what is the right kind of support and generating it could be very challenging. So this was my dream as a business lady; pure focus on generating and adding value to my work and provide the right kind of support that will help an organization to survive and grow effectively".

Kiahra’s willingness to create an environment in the organization that is conducive to effortless and natural achievement of success motivates her to learn, add more value to her work and generate ideas for development. Apart from being a businesswoman, she is also a mother and needs to find some time for her child. So, she usually works ten hours a day. But, her mind keeps thinking about finding ways to improve the working of Sankalp. Moreover, being a professional has a productive impact on her personal life. Kiahra says, “The best thing about this industry is that I get to meet a lot of great people who have achieved great things in life both personally and professionally even with the odds completely against them. Knowing and working with these great people has always inspired me to be a better and stronger person every day.”When asked about here latest developments with the WATC Shortlisting Kiahra said "I have had the privilege of being part of the training & coaching industry for 10 years now and the journey has not just given me the platform and ability to add value and transform lives but has in the process given me great opportunities to meet greater people who have transformed my life as well. I started this journey as a student and I'm glad the it continues even today while I'm a mother of a wonderful 3 year old daughter."
She also added "I'm honoured today that my journey & achievements so far is being recognised by WATC India by shortlisting me for India's Rising Star Awards".
Simply use the link below to support Kiahra's nomination & acknowledge her journey as an entrepreneur.

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