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It's YOU!

Inspiring Poetry
When being alone lets me closer
to a mirror virtual by my side
and stand I alone as a muddled poser
who elude me - is it eye or brain
imagery formed is yours
when I gaze up in strain

Inspiring poetry
Convening energy to avoid tepidness
when I knock at cerebrum's door
a mild wobble disrupting calmness
I begin to think and think hard
but in dismay they(thoughts) do depart
who eludes again is it brain
or you conquering them apart.

Inspiring poetry
Muddled in my puzzled thoughts
trembling hands approach a pen
try to pen-down a bit of stress
but fingers are reluctant to pace
who eludes again -
is it hand or perpetual you
continuing this incessant race.Enough of to be pissed..
I give up it all and stand in torment
blaming my fate I do repent
enough of it now I should move;
try to move; take a step forward
but who eludes me again is it
my unconditional love-pathy
or your conditioned empathy.

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