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Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations

Each wedding is unique in its own way. The couple getting married has a lot of aspirations riding on their wedding ceremony as it is their very special day. The wedding decor plays a very important role and is the very first joint decision that a couple takes. The couple often starts by deciding the style of the decor with the wedding planner. Read ON for what happens next! [This article is best viewed on Mobile as it contains multiple tall pictures]
Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations
Once the style is decided, whether it is a rustic theme or a classic wedding theme or a beach theme the wedding flowers play the most important role in the decor coming alive.

Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations It will form the backdrop for many photographs that will be the memories to be cherished years after.

Spring Blossoms curates below some very different styles of flower decoration for your unique wedding.

An inverted standing boat with a brass bell hung inside is such a fun yet unique backdrop.

You can personalize this basic idea with many of your own, using more flowers or other handmade accessories and make that seafront terrace look like a special space for your special day.

This idea can be used literally by the water’s side on any private beach too with the lapping waves as your backdrop. [Pic courtesy Diodecor]

An exclusively handmade boutonniere with sea shells instead of flowers for the men will make your theme unique.
If you are lucky enough to have an island wedding or the sea as a backdrop this Phuket wedding symbolizes the vastness beyond with a glorious and unique backdrop and flowers lining the bridal pathway. [Pic courtesy weddingscoop]Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations
If you have a sumptuous garden or you want a very unusual outdoor wedding this backdrop of photo frames is just perfect. If you do not like the harmony of ropes running from a tree, you might want to consider using almost invisible fishing line. [Pic courtesy Seattleweddings]
Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations
An extra touch to an outdoor wedding adds glamour and a personal uniqueness to the theme. There are just so many different and imaginative ways; one can use flowers and foliage with accessories to make subtle changes to your wedding decor.

A simple seating chart can be enhanced with a beautiful border of luscious roses like this one. Hot pink is always an eye catcher in any wedding theme.
Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations
A spread of canapés on large leaves makes the display appetising and one of its kind. You can use banana leaves if you have tropical wedding theme. Make the food colours contrast with the leaf, which adds the spunk to this look.Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations
Some rustic lanterns with pillar candles, decorated with flowers and hung with shipping ropes adds a different ambience if you have an evening wedding. You can hang these in clusters of 3 to 4 on a branch at varying lengths. [Pic courtesy The knot]Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations
Here is one idea that I find brings a very new look to table seating. The moss adds a rustic touch, but jazz up the vases with exotic flowers instead of these wild flowers and you will have a whole new look! [Pic courtesy decozilla]
Inspiring Flower Decors for Unique Wedding Decorations

The uniqueness of your wedding can be built upon taking any idea from these pictures and building around it as a theme. A wedding is as personal and as unique as you want it to be.

The pleasure in the making of your own theme, your own decor and the WOW factor you and your partner add to your wedding is something that is part of every couple’s dream.
Laxmi Lobo, who has written this entire piece, is a Singapore trained floral designer. She is now a retail florist in Mumbai and specialises in flower delivery in Mumbai. Visit Spring Blossoms to know more about Flower Delivery In Mumbai.

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Laxmi Lobo
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