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Live Chat's Potential To Sky Rocket Your Tours & Travel Business. Inspiring.

Considering how everything is getting digitised, people nowadays rely more on online platforms and websites in order to buy things, services, and even to make travel plans. In other words, doing business online allows you to significantly increase your income and customer acquisition rate, provided you do everything right.
Over the recent years, the travel industry has seen an increase in the number of bookings, because it gives users the option to make their travel arrangements online. Today, over 40% of bookings happen online, and this number is bound to go higher in the coming years.

Here, we will discuss how your travel business can achieve greater heights by adding the live support chat feature to your travel agency website and how it helps to bring a positive user experience.

It helps customers

One thing that live chat software brings to the table is definitely progress. It is quite obvious that sites with live chat will continue to grow, whereas those who refuse to use it will simply reach their plateaux. The reason for this growth is increasing convenience for booking online. Even though it is more convenient to book online than in person, live chat makes this even easier.

Basically, the reason why you want live chat on your travel website is to keep up with your competition. By using it, you will display your keenness to help your customers and they will feel more comfortable knowing their travel agent is always nearby.

It solves navigation problems

One thing that can definitely bring down your user experience online is the problems faced while navigating. This is not too uncommon; after all, people are likely to have a hard time finding specific information if it isn’t immediately on display, and you can’t put everything on the homepage in order not to overburden it. For this reason, it is good to have live support chat available because it will let them find the things quickly.

If a customer can immediately get in touch with the agent, to find out where the information is located, or if the agent can instantly give the information, the user is more likely to make a purchase.
Another instance where navigation problems might occur is the website update. Once you change your layout and add more things, people will be confused until they get used to the new design, which means Live Chat will definitely come in handy more than you think.

No more cart abandonment

One of the major causes for losing an online customer is a problem with payment processing. It is simply annoying, to find everything you are looking for, fill out every field on the payment information sheet, and then to receive a note saying your credit card is declined. Everyone would be frustrated, and if you need to send an email, and wait for it to be resolved, you start to lose all of the travel hype you had at the beginning.So, with live chat software, you can easily resolve the payment issues experienced during checkout. The customer is happier, you made a sale, and everybody wins. In other words, it isn’t a wise decision to have a travel website without live chat.

Clarify things

During the holiday season, there are so many different travel packages and the Internet is absolutely filled with different offers. In other words, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of which one is an active offer, what are the exact prices, etc. So, as people talk, the initial information gets passed on and it becomes something else entirely. Then, when a visitor comes to your website searching for the ideal arrangement they heard from their friend, they cannot find it. With live chat, you can clarify things immediately, tell them if there is an offer that matches their need.

Drive conversions

Lastly, if you have a knowledge base system or CRM software in place, you can use live chat to help your users instantly. Knowing their previous purchases, or knowing the content they generally look over gives you the means to approach them with relevant content via Live Chat.
Once a familiar user is browsing the website, you can use Live Chat to display the most attractive offer which is specifically tailored for them. This saves them time, and they immediately get the link they are looking for.

The Takeaway

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of having a live chat feature on your website, which is why you are highly encouraged to bring it onboard. It is important to keep your users happy and to stay ahead of the competition.

So, do not allow yourself to miss out on new customers and new travel arrangements. Make sure you have the means of convincing users that they made the right choice by coming to your website.

If you are into tours and travel, or know someone, we would love to hear the views about the live chat and its effects on your business. Should you have any queries, comments or views to share feel free to share them here in comments below or tweet them to us @iUeMagazine

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