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4.456Pi Diaries Part 1- An introduction

A title that leaves you curious and a book that would leave you empowered are the perfect mix to describe 4.456Pi. A book by Sandhya Nagaraj. Here's a quick intro in her words. Read ON!
I’m going to start at the middle. “The beginning” is too cliche, and highly overrated. Did you know from the very beginning that you were born, and you had a family, and all that? Of course not. You existed, but if somebody asked you, you didn’t know. The beginning of all magical things start the same way- plainly, without an uproar, until it does cause a stirring. After which there is a Big Bang, and the rest follows. Enough said about beginnings. Back to the middle of what I was getting at.

What we can’t quite reasonably explain- we deem irrational. How do we for example, explain to our friends of the lofty ambitions we have- and the efforts we put into it? How do we explain the joy derived out of seemingly innocent work that most people do so mechanically? Life may not be drudgery in this era, but boredom has put her claws deep into the minds of unsuspecting folks who are quite content escaping the claws of misery and drudgery. Little do they know that they are prey to the devil of our times if you will- boredom, lack of excitement, lack of enthusiasm and deep rooted love for comfort.

Work is worship if you can see how your work is rewarding you- not just in terms of the vacations you are able to afford, but also in terms of the connections you make at the workplace, the ideas you discuss, the leaders you learn from (and hence become) and the random fundae that evolve into unique ideas eventually, if not overnight. The whole “expecting” a result disfigures an outcome so close at reach, unless you are enjoying the journey-and thoroughly at that.

So when I began a book with something entirely different on mind, little did I know that the theme would be irrationality- 4.456Pi ended up as one. This book is not just about making you love your jobs or studies more, it is not just about getting you love your family more, it is not just a book that tells you what to do where to get the right outcome- it is a collection of incidents with a trace of thoughts behind the actions, giving you a feel of the flight before the flight happened, giving you the chills of the breeze and the views from high above- before it all actually happens.

It is written with a single intent that anyone who wishes a more diverse experience from life draw the frequencies that are embedded right through the book- which will open up new possibilities for the reader. Be it some of the visualisations or some keywords scattered across, to the reader who is ready, this book will not merely be an account of the journeys of my mentor but also will unlock chapters that await opening in one’s life, when read with the right mindset.

What mindset do I read this book with?

A carefree adventurer, a businessman setting up industry newly, a student wanting to score higher, a housewife whose wish is of a joyful family, a career driven man/woman desiring inputs for steep growth, a human being desiring growth in a particular area of life- the mindset of course is the DESIRE to achieve any of the above mentioned or more.
It would be best to set a desire you wish to achieve, and read the book as an answer to that single question you have- It is bound to provide you the answers. Read the book, chew the content and apply, sleep over it, and wake up with clarity of how to bring your deepest desires to reality.

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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