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Could Weekends be a License to Mediocrity?

Anish Dhakal Article Few months back in course of having a substantive tedious week in the college, a friend of mine was all of a sudden excited to know that it was Friday amid all the hardships of the academic year. “I can’t just wait for the weekends”, he shouted.
It wasn’t unfamiliar for me though as I had heard it multiple times from him. He was a mediocre at studies and work but when it came to celebrating on weekends, he would be no less than a self-made multimillionaire. He never needed any special occasions to live for the weekends and he never cared about it.
If you spend some time with him, you could easily notice that he was studying and working just to trade-off his week of hardships with rewards at its end. And then life happens at its best and he cannot get his days off on weekend at all times which apparently made him very frustrated and complained that his whole week was in vain and then begins the quest for the next one.

We all have been there in our lives. We just want to free ourselves from all the stress and hardships of work and life, stay home doing absolutely nothing at times. In many cases, we do have a genuine reason for it. You may have a birthday party coming up or a dinner plan with someone special or an interesting matches to watch relaxing on weekends and that’s fine occasionally. We all wish to look forward for something better than what we have at present. But constantly counting days left for the weekend instead of focusing on what we have to accomplish at work could have a devastating effect on not just your job and career but your life as a whole.
You will always be craving such time where you wait the entire week and could enjoy by accomplishing absolutely nothing in the weekends. If that’s what primarily enjoyment means to you then you are in a serious trouble. And it does not have to be an “all or none” phenomenon. We could identify ourselves to be constantly drifting from one extreme to other at times but whenever the mindset is constantly rolling over the weekends side, you know you got to change something, and in most cases it’s nothing more than having a success mindset rather than the mediocre one.

Gary Vaynerchuk, cofounder of VaynerMedia explained this splendidly. You spend a massive amount of your time each week working? So, lf you are miserable at work, then you are miserable for about half your life, Vaynerchuk said. Self-made millionaire Grant Cardone agrees to this and advocates people to stop falling in ambush of the 48-hours window such that they lose the sight of what really matters in their life.
There is a huge correspondence between people living mediocre life and people thanking God for giving them Friday as a gateway to the weekend break. Such obsession with weekends most certainly invoke guilt and frustration when people are required to work on weekends questioning the quality of work they produce entangled with such intense feelings.

Let’s not even embark onto the 4 hour Work Week debate of what defines and constitutes work. But like for many massively successful people if it’s something that improves your profession, career, business or anything on that calling even a little bit including reading books and thinking or pondering about a problem at work then you shouldn’t give a second thought working on weekends. And the beauty of modern day work is that you can be in any corner of the globe and still be working.
An 8 hour work day doesn’t necessarily means that it has to be from 9 to 5. You could obviously work at least five or six days a week but you have to make a realization that there is nothing wrong with working 7 days a week whenever required. And that at all cost must never come out of guilt, frustration or dissatisfaction in life. Many self-made successful people have done it for years and years in their lives. Many of the world’s most successful people in the world are notorious workaholics and that’s not a coincidence. If you make relaxing on weekends a rigid ritual, then life would certainly think twice before handling you opportunity and even if it does you mayn’t be able to realize that it did.

On a concluding note, for massive success and riches in life whenever you find yourself slipping into the “living for the weekend” obsessive mentality, just remind yourself often that a regular weekend break from work is a luxury and never ever an absolute necessity.

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Anish Dhakal
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