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Say NO to Ragging

Inspiring lines of poetry by Dr Trilok Kumar Jain. In the direct words of Dr Trilok Kumar Jain, who is currently the director for ecosystem for innovations and entrepreneurship at Suresh Gyan Vihar University.
Someone someday stopped




Someone someday disheartened




Discord instead of accord

Dissension instead of confluence

Fighting instead of joining

Termite of modern colleges

Toxic venom of educational campuses

Life – a collection of memories

Some fragrant – some poignant

Some freshening - some threatening

Created by our surroundings

Carved by our near-ones

Some love – fragrance forever

Some insult –disappoints forever

Some support – admired forever

Some detract – disdained forever

Together we are

Crafting the world

Memories all around

Floral memories

And toxic memories

Lets create the best out of us

Lets try to implant flowers

Create great memory

Craft being supportive

Pick a flower to gift over

Pick a candle to handover

A small step to welcome

Smile and Let them come

you have to vacate

they have to create

you leave your memories

they create new stories

someone to start journey

someone to reach destiny

you leave your footprint

they have to carve imprint

you have left standards

they have to create records

you gave a shape to the road

they have to reach the goals

you faced the initial troubles

helped them free from problems

Say No To Ragging
A follower you have

An admirer you have

Some to follow you

Someone to be after you

Leader became you

Now torch-bearer are you

Speak with caution

Check your intention

Open your heart to welcome

A open place - let them come

A music of collectivity

A joy of fraternity

Don’t ask their belonging

Just give your learning

Don’t make them shame

Admire & appreciate them

Don’t despair or deject

Admire and inject

They need care

Don’t let them wonder

dont shout

but let them shout

don’t question

but let them question

don’t argue

but let them argue

don’t play with their emotions

but let them express emotions

don’t ask them to parade

but let them

don’t segregate

allow them to congregate

be polite, be kind

be with them heart and mind

one slip of tongue

may cause a harangue

one sarcasm breaking heart

leaving schism and ego hurt

words that can divide

self-respect and pride

extend open hands

bridge the broken bands

hug them – someone for you waiting

guide them – they are you in making

don’t criticize – be a supporter at the back

surprise them – a party just for them

life has no senior – junior

someone is sometimes inferior

time and tide wait never

who may help you in the future

try to add friends everyday

someone may help you someday

be a friend, say a yes to bonding

be firm, say a No to ragging

no suicide, no depression

no deprivation, no alienation

be open and let them come

always give a warm welcome

let them have a reason to meet you

take care – no one should escape you

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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