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10 Ways to Reward Employees for Their Hard Work

Rewarding hard working employees can go a long way in building a stronger business and creating strength in the team that you build to build your organization. Here’s how you can get it right. Read ON! If you have hacks that matter and work well, do share in the comments.
Rewarding hard working employees

No matter who you are, a “good job” and quick thumbs up is always a fantastic way to receive recognition for your work. Even the most humble people out there will appreciate some recognition or reward for what they’ve been doing.

If you’re in charge of a few people, either as a manager or boss, there are plenty of ways you can go about rewarding your employees. The reason is up to you. It can be a completion of a big project, a major sale, or simply because it’s a Friday. Not only are rewards fun, but they’re a proven way to boost morale and work ethic. You work hard, you get rewarded. That’s a pretty easy formula!

If you’re thinking about rewarding your employees, below are some easy and fun ideas for you.

Buy Dinner

Take your employees out for a nice dinner. Instead of relying on catered meals, find a great restaurant in town and take them out for a meal.

Everyone loves food and it’s a perfect way to relax and cut back after those long hours. If you want, tell them to invite their families or partners.

Casual Day

Movie-goers may remember the classic movie Office Space and their Hawaiin themed shirt day. We’re not saying you have to go with the islands as a source of clothing inspiration, but having a casual day is just as great.

If you’re usually dressed sharp, offer a day of the month or week as a chance to wear jeans and a regular shirt. People will be more relaxed and look forward to this day.

Peer Recognition

An idea that doesn’t cost any money but recognizing them during a meeting is a simple and easy way to reward your employees.

If it’s for a big accomplishment, consider printing out a certificate of achievement for them to hang proudly on their walls.

Staff Commendation Activities

The main purpose of rewarding employees is to motivate employees and retain and attract talents. The company's custom-medals and cash prizes are awarded to employees who have made great contributions to the company and are diligent and dedicated. Selections are held at the end of each year. Excellent employees are voted by all employees of the company which ensured fairness, and the day's celebration party followed.


One of the most rewarding ideas for work is not working. Let your employees get off early the day before a holiday or send them home early on a Friday.

If your hometown team is playing in the Super Bowl, let them come in an hour late on Monday morning. That may not cleanse everyone of the nacho cheese smell, but it will give people a bit of extra time to rest.

Rewarding hard working employees

Bring in Breakfast

Bring in a surprise breakfast every now and then. Grab some bagels or donuts from the local bakery and hand them out before working.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s important that everyone has plenty of energy!

A Work Retreat

Reward everyone for their continued hard work with a work retreat to a lake house, theme park, or other adventure.

You just have to organize transportation and make sure everyone is signing up for a fun-filled day. As an extra bonus, make sure you take your special day on a workday to give everyone that day off.

Have a Competition

If you’re in a business where people can compete with one another, hold a competition with a real prize at the end, like extra vacation days.

For those that don’t win the big prize, offer smaller consolation prizes in order to reward them for their effort.

Family Picnics

Start your spring or summer off right with a family picnic. Have your employees invite everyone out for a day at a local park.

Grill out, play volleyball, and enjoy the sunshine before it’s time to head back inside.

Celebrate Big Days

While some people may not like having a “happy birthday” sung to them, it’s always great to recognize and remember people’s birthdays. A simple card can go a long way.

Also, be sure to recognize any work anniversaries or retirements for long-term employees. Send them off right!

Finally, Always Use Simple Words of Encouragement To Keep Them Going

Despite all of the wonderful ideas above, one of the most effective forms or rewarding your employees is by encouraging them and dropping a compliment.Take time to tell them you liked the work they did with the last project or how you recognize their hard work as of late. You can leave them a note, send them an email, or just quickly drop by their desk. A few words can go a long way!

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