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Why are E-Cigarettes being encouraged by the UK Government?


The Euro monitor recently put the UK amongst the leading countries in terms of E-Cigarette consumption, placing the number at more than 2 million regular users. This number has especially increased amongst the youth who have quickly taken up to vaping as the new cool. Cloud chasing which is a popular sport amongst vapers has seen people rush to various stores to make orders, especially for the V2 brand of E-cigarettes, which is one of the most popular.

According to Public Health England, E-Cigarettes have been shown to be much healthier compared to the traditional cigarettes as they greatly reduce the problems associated with smoking. E-Cigs have also been able to help people quit tobacco cigarettes as it provides them with a better alternative.

The past decade has seen a gradual decrease in tobacco smokers in the UK (down to about 20%), as many have started to take up vaping in its place. With this new trend, most of the people have suddenly been able to boost their health by being able to go taking regular exercise and keep fit without any hindrances. This is unlike in the early days where smokers would be too tired to fully engage in any meaningful exercise.


The main difference between vaping and smoking a tobacco cigarette is that vaping prevents you from being hurt by tar and other chemicals such as carbon monoxide which end up ruining your lungs and heart. The tar in tobacco cigarettes is what normally does the most damage to a person’s health and, therefore, getting rid of it is a huge advantage to smokers.

So if you are a smoker, who is ready and willing to quit the habit and improve on your health, then vaping is definitely the way to go.

There are various brands of different E-Cigs in the market, all having their different qualities and it is, therefore, vital that you select the one that meets your needs. You can visit where you can find more information on v2 cigs.

A V2 Kit comes with multiple accessories that are meant to make your shopping easier and quicker. With V2, you can get to have everything you need to quit smoking in one single order. The kit includes Rechargeable batteries along with their charger

E-liquid cartridges

Socket mounts Assorted E-liquid flavors You get to have all these options and many more in one kit, and they are all meant to help make your transition from smoking worth the effort. As a new vaper, the design of the V2 pen has been made so user friendly that you will have mastered everything within a few “puffs”.

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