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Leveraging Video Ads During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Video Ads Creating videos and leveraging them was always quite a task. You need to know what you are doing. But in the wake of COVID-19, this becomes an even more significant challenge. Here, we examine the emerging scenario and how to deal with it.

The global pandemic has shattered the world economy and brought even the mightiest countries to their knees. However bleak the situation may seem, there are some positive outcomes of this crisis as well. Let’s delve deep into the matter.

New Opportunities in a Changing World
Almost a year has passed since the pandemic appeared, but the world, as we know, has changed forever. We automatically avoid handling currency notes and plastic cards in favor of contactless payments. We avoid physical contact with even close friends.

But online, there have been some interesting developments. We have to adapt to the changing scenario. With the continuing lockdown, many people are turning more and more to the internet for information, and if you are posting videos, you can benefit.

But you need to tread carefully and be cautious about how you proceed. These tips can help you to leverage your video ads during COVID-19 and not tread on toes:

Going Digital

Video Ads Now that the internet is the safest place around, you need to spend more time there. If you were into meeting customers in person, the time has come to meet them online instead. You can use social media for showcasing your video ads.

Even newspapers have their digital editions where you can feature your video ads. Brands are using digital platforms to leverage their video ads. You can use a free online ad maker such as this one here or enlist the services of a communication agency to create digital content.

With the suspension of television shoots, digital medium has become the sole platform through which brands can connect with their audience. The budgets on out-of-home (OOH) and below-the-line (BTL) advertising are cut.

The result is that there is more focus on digital and television. Your video ads need to be tailored for these platforms that have become more significant today than ever, with no sign of the pandemic getting under control anytime soon.

The Potential of User-Generated Content

Content that gets generated by your customers is a potentially-vast resource. User-generated content (UGC) comes from customers who help promote your brand through reviews posted on social media and websites.

Why is this such a critical aspect of promoting your brand? The answer lies in the fact that the source is authentic, creating more legitimacy than if you had posted the content yourself. Using UGC in your video ads gives you the following benefits:

Customers create a community of brand ambassadors.

  • The customer gets importance.
  • It’s free and effective.
  • There is a high return on investment (RoI).
  • The source is more authentic because customers generate it.
  • Selfless Service
Ad agencies are losing thousands of clients. But you must look at the big picture and observe the trends. When you see businesses losing money, throw in some freebies, like premium products for the first purchase. You will see two things happen:

In the beginning, you see a further drop in your sales. That’s because you are earning less from your product. But on the positive side, you are losing fewer customers. You've created so much goodwill that you even get new customers.

Many marketers have adopted this strategy, and if you incorporate this into your video ads, you will create trust among the community. The result will be many more new subscriptions through your videos than if you did not adopt this strategy at all.

Try Conversational Marketing

People like to be heard. But in the environment of the pandemic, their voices are getting drowned out. They have issues regarding politics, job loss, health problems, and various other matters.

Video Ads You can listen to what people say and proactively respond with video ads that address their issues. It is called conversational marketing. People react well to this kind of marketing because you are identifying problems that they can relate to.

Create and monitor AI chatbots and keep updated with comments and suggestions from your customers. Incorporate this information into your ad videos, and you will get a better response and brand loyalty from your customers.

Real-Time Video

Real-time video is booming, and Zoom bears witness to that fact. Whether online communication may occur, be it a parent-teacher meeting or a virtual get-together of old school pals, Zoom is there to do the honors.

Real-time connections have suddenly become more relevant than ever. You can leverage your video ads through this versatile and effective channel. Keep your free logo reveal templates handy for making a powerful impact on your audience. Visit this link to know more about logo reveal templates.

Other than Zoom, real-time video is available on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram. You can feature product demos and interviews with prominent personalities. Leverage your video ads effectively through these live video platforms.

Education Oriented Training

Video Ads

Unemployment has reached record levels. People are desperate to do anything to keep themselves occupied. New opportunities, wherever available, call for high-tech skills. Everyone may not have the required skills.

Going through traditional educational channels is impractical and expensive. The time is ripe for offering educational-based training. You can offer courses and online educational videos to help people upgrade their skills.

Your video ads can offer training at concessional rates. The response is likely to be good.

How to Get Around Low Conversion Rates

Some industries are picking up, but for the travel and hospitality industries, the situation is still grim. Companies are spending millions of dollars to stay afloat. However, there is a way out of this problem.

You add easy payment plans to your customers who will find it easy to deal with installments. For example, if you are a consulting agency, you can spread the payments over a year.

You need to include information in your video ads to make your audience take notice.

Careful Consideration will Retain Your Customers
When considering your customers, you should be able to convince yourself that you are reaching out to them in preparation for the world post-COVID-19. If you use these marketing tactics, you will be able to build brand loyalty. You need to remain relevant and cash in on customer satisfaction. You can only do this by keeping abreast of customer trends, and it should be your priority. Include these priorities in your video ads, and you are bound to come out on top!

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