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3 World Events Worth Travelling For

Events Worth Travelling For Diverse cultures and events are what make the world such an interesting and beautiful place to be. Every country and continent has its own traditions and events, with some being renowned the world over, even if they’re only celebrated by a select group of people.

Whilst it’s customary to stick to your own culture, expanding your knowledge and understanding different viewpoints is always welcome in order to enhance your knowledge and become more open-minded. With this in mind, here are three world events from around the globe that are well worth traveling for in order to experience them in their places of origin.

1. Thanksgiving

In North America, Thanksgiving is perhaps the largest holiday of all. Millions of people gather with their families to watch parades, feast on luscious meals and celebrate the meal English colonizers and Native Americans had together in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1621.

The origin of Thanksgiving is hotly contested, but one thing that stands is the significance it has as a world event, despite being unique to North America. There are parades the country over, all of which are a spectacle to behold and well worth traveling to experience.

The Macy’s Parade has marched through the streets of New York City since 1924 and attracts up to three million spectators every year. If the Big Apple isn’t your thing, there are parades in Illinois, Charlotte, Seattle, Houston, Detroit, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia.

2. Eid

Eid is the biggest holiday of the year for 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. There are two different Eid holidays: Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha, with the latter being the biggest and most important. There are Eid ul-Adha celebrations in every country, but with it following Qurbani, the most religious time of the year in Islam, non-Islamic countries don’t tend to have as big celebrations. For example, Qurbani in the UK isn’t as well known as it is in Saudi Arabia, meaning the following celebration won’t be as big.

Events Worth Travelling For If you want to experience Eid in all its glory, head to the streets of Istanbul, Karachi, Cairo, and Jerusalem. These are cities that have high Muslim populations, and so on the day of Eid, be it big or small Eid, you’ll likely see Muslims streaming down the streets with gifts in their hands and smiles on their faces.

You’ll likely see lots of hugging, balloons, and delicious food, all of which is a feast for the eyes.

3. Diwali

Diwali is a Hindu even that translates as the festival of lights. It is celebrated around October or November on the darkest night – the night of the first new moon. If you roam the streets in major Indian cities such as Delhi during this time, you’ll find brightly colored garlands and light displays. Homes are lit from within with oil lamps, and the sound of firecrackers echo through the air as people strive to scare away bad spirits.

The concept behind Diwali is just as beautiful as the impressive light shows that come with it. The sentiment is to celebrate light prevailing over darkness and good over evil. It is a five-day festival and is an experience you won’t ever forget. Summary
These are three completely different events unique to three different parts of the world, but all are stunning to witness. If you’re heading on holiday any time soon and want to experience new cultures at the same time, try and schedule your vacation around either three of these events.
Just remember to be mindful that these events hold great significance for many people, so it’s best to observe from a distance.

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