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Three Places in Asia and the Middle East to Visit

Asia and the Middle East The Middle East and Asia are packed with a vast variety of different cultures, religions, and languages. The Middle East is located within western Asia and includes Egypt, which is in Africa, it has its own title due to geographical and cultural reasons.

The countries that are located throughout Asia and the Middle East are rich in deep history, many of the earliest recorded civilizations are located within these regions. If you are planning to travel to the Middle East or Asia but are unsure of where to go, we have a few suggestions.

Thailand, Chiang Mai

Thailand is a country located within Southeast Asia; it is formed by around 1,430 islands. Thailand is known for its beautiful nature and impressive beaches, pulling in many tourists, especially for relaxing vacations. However, Chiang Mai is popular amongst tourists, receiving multiple awards for its diverse tourist attractions and leisure options.

Chiang Mai is known to be the largest city within the northern region of Thailand, with some of the most spectacularly huge mountains within the country. This destination is great for outdoor adventures with your loved ones, creating life-lasting memories.

Many international foreigners live in Chiang Mai, making it easier for tourists to get around with struggles. Chiang Mai customs, practices, and traditions are heavenly blended with Lanna culture, so educating yourself on it before visiting is advised so that you are able to respect it properly. There are many ancient locations to visit in Chiang Mai such as the ancient walls that circle around 30 temples, Thailand is a heavily Buddhist-influenced country.

Asia and the Middle East Saudi Arabi, Jeddah

Saudi Arabia is steeped in history, and no city mixes the old and new quite like Jeddah. Located a stones throw from Mecca, known for the story of Ibrahim, Jeddah is a hub of modern coastal living. It is a rich mix of culture and diversity, with endless things to do and see.

You can head to the Al Balad area to experience some of the best street food in the city – and perhaps even the country. From kebabs and hummus to bakeries and tea, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

If you’re looking to learn more about the history of Jeddah, you’re spoilt for choice with its vast array of museums. The Nassif House Museum is full of vintage photographs, but the building itself is of great historical significance. It was once the residence of King Abdulaziz who founded modern-day Saudi Arabia.

To learn more about life as it was once was by those who used to live in Jeddah in years past, Matbouli House Museum provides a unique insight of previous communities, all housed in the 400-year-old building in the Al Balad region.

India, Kochi
A great and popular location for travelers, Kochi in India is a great tourist destination with so much to see and do. You can find the city of Kochi in the southern area of Kerala, homing all kinds of people from all faiths, ethnicities, and walks of life. Kochi is known for being a melting point of culture and history in India.
It is a port city which is why there was a huge amount of migration, it is on the Malabar Coast which borders the Laccadive Sea. Great beaches for tourists to relax and appreciate while also experiencing a variety of different cultures. The food is also known to be amazing in Kochi, so I would definitely suggest it is worth a trip.

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