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Awe-inspiring Story of Sidhant Bastia, Author of A Bad Love Story and his Journey With Words

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a bad love story Meet Sidhant Bastia, a talented author hailing from the culturally rich land of Odisha, India, and currently residing in the vibrant state of New Jersey, USA. Sidhant's journey into the world of literature began as a passion for jotting down his thoughts and ideas, which eventually transformed into his first novel, "A Bad Love Story". Before this maiden novel, he had already published two books of allegories with multiple writers, showcasing his dedication to the art of storytelling.

Beyond the realms of writing, Sidhant is a multifaceted individual. He boasts a background in IT, where he has pursued a successful career. But his talents don't stop there. Sidhant has also been a national-level Snooker and Billiards player, representing his home state. He possesses a natural flair for oration and is an avid follower of influential speakers who share profound insights across various aspects of life.

In addition to his love for the literary world, he harbors a passion for screenwriting and is actively pursuing this dream by taking screenwriting courses during his free time. As a self-proclaimed movie buff, Sidhant enjoys a wide range of films, particularly those that portray realistic and real-life-oriented stories.

What’s Behind the Title "A Bad Love Story"?

His debut novel, "A Bad Love Story", carries an intriguing title that invites readers to explore the complex facets of love. When asked about the inspiration behind the title, Sidhant explains that it stemmed from the diverse reactions of his audience. Some loved the characters, while others had mixed feelings about them. This divergence in perception fascinated him, and he wanted readers to understand that love is a multifaceted emotion that can be interpreted differently by each individual. The title, "A Bad Love Story," was chosen to inject a touch of darkness into the brightest of human emotions, reflecting the varied interpretations of love.

a bad love story Exploring the Essence of "A Bad Love Story"

Within the pages of "A Bad Love Story," Sidhant hopes that you will gain a deeper appreciation for family, homeland, culture, and ethical values. He believes in the importance of embracing change but not for the sake of conformity. Instead, he encourages readers to hold onto their ethical values, which he artfully explores through the medium of a love story. Beyond this, his book offers insights into the complexities of relationships, the inevitability of solitude, and the significance of celebrating togetherness in the present moment.

Meet Ruhan: The Character of Selfless Love

One of the central characters in the book, Ruhan, embodies selflessness in love. Born and raised in a small town near Jaipur, he hails from a respected family and possesses strong values. Ruhan is portrayed as a giving, caring, and generous individual who is willing to sacrifice his own desires for the sake of his beloved Ambika. His character highlights the idea that true love involves selflessness and a willingness to make sacrifices.

Key Supporters in his Writing Journey

Throughout his writing journey, Sidhant received significant support from various individuals who played pivotal roles in his success. Foremost among them is his wife, who served as his biggest cheerleader, offering unwavering support, honest feedback, and motivation to complete the story. Sidhant's friends also provided valuable input, helping him modernize and shape the story. He fondly recalls a school friend, Arpita, who purchased his book during pre-order, boosting his confidence as a new writer. Sidhant's parents played a crucial role by allowing him to pursue his passion for writing.

a bad love story Early Recognition of Writing Potential

Reflecting on his earliest memories, Sidhant recalls the encouragement he received from teachers and professors during his school and university years. His talent for oration and writing was evident early on, and their appreciation fueled his passion for storytelling. Although he wrote many stories along the way, he often found himself unsatisfied with the results, which motivated him to continue improving until he felt confident enough to embark on his novel-writing journey.

Life as an Author

Transitioning into the role of an author has brought about significant changes in Sidhant's life. He has become more patient and resilient, able to weather life's challenges with a calm and composed demeanor. He believes in maintaining a clear focus on his writing goals and avoiding unnecessary distractions. His ability to cool down quickly in the face of disagreements, especially in his marriage, reflects his dedication to preserving his precious writing time.

Writing Routine and Approach

When it comes to his writing routine, Sidhant has a unique approach. He doesn't adhere to strict schedules but relies on a well-structured blueprint for his work. He carefully plans the storyline, characters, and settings before diving into writing. Even when he's not at his writing desk, he remains engaged with the story, jotting down ideas and notes on his mobile. This process allows him to maintain a constant flow of creativity and eventually complete his projects.

Advice for Aspiring Writers

a bad love story For aspiring writers, Sidhant emphasizes the importance of patience and self-trust. He encourages fellow writers to build a strong foundation for their stories, including well-defined characters and settings. He advises against hesitating to deconstruct and rebuild the story when necessary, as the pursuit of perfection is an ongoing process. Above all, he underscores the significance of staying deeply engaged with the story, living within the world created, and passionately embracing the role of the author.

Inspirational Quote

When asked about any inspirational quote that has stayed with him, Sidhant Bastia leaves us with an inspirational poem that reflects his journey as a writer and his philosophy on life:

"Behind those silhouettes lies a new dawn,
bring on d vines and let the world think I'm gone,
I will sit back and tighten my belts for I have to run long,
my destination be my destiny, my will be my way,
I have my anchors set, bring on the bay,
I'm ready to sail in and sphere through to that bright Ray."

These words encapsulate Sidhant's unwavering determination to chase his dreams, embrace change, and navigate life's challenges with resilience and optimism.Grab your copy of "A Bad Love Story" here: A BAD LOVE STORY: MAN PROPOSES GOD DISPOSES

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