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Unlocking the Secrets of Intuition: Journeying Beyond the Ordinary

Intuition The word Intuition is projected from our ancient intelligence called instinct. As instinct evolved it became one of the human beings highly reformed intelligence called intuition and it rests within the pineal gland. This was the intelligence that made us navigate through dangerous times during our cave-dwelling days and taught us to survive against all odds. Life progressed and we became social and started living in communities. The role of the pineal diminished and though we have 5 major sense organs the 6th sense organ -the instinct ability is still prevalent..

Nurturing the pineal becomes important in understanding the subtle forces in nature. These forces are primitive in nature and go by Natural laws. Most of the human stress that we experience today is because we are weaned away from natural laws and nature. In the case of the pineal gland, it begins to shrink from the age of 6, and as we age it becomes defunct. It is only through photon energy the penial gland is able to nourish itself and get activated to perform miracles.

In the power of Intuition, it leads us to remolding and looking at the world differently and it can graduate itself to the areas of seeing the invisible and make us capable of understanding the most difficult of sciences. Here the human being is highly aware and capable of superhuman capabilities. It may so happen that the infinite spirit can come into play and we can request the spiritual self to execute our purpose in life. It is here that the divine resources are made available and we can stay in a state of abundance.

We start dwelling in a different plane where we are in a position to experience divine love and we are kept in a state of constant cheer. We are able to harness true wealth and the state achieved is that of inner peace and tranquility. This is the state where it is observed that vision and action go hand in hand and we are able to comfortably fulfill our cherished dreams and goals. Please consider that intuition is a spiritual faculty and it points the way which opens doorways of receiving blessings. Intuition In this state of actualization, it is important to ask for a precise want, a definite need. Care should be taken not to violate the spiritual law acting through our individual nature. You need to be aware and understand that you are under the direct influence of the universal energy force and must take the right decisions. This will enable oneself to do the right thing thus manifesting the universal will.
Thus, the underlining divine design for the human being with intuition is to bring about good health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression.

Intuition Energy though is directed at the individual self, one should try to channelize this energy towards the betterment of the human race and the planet at large. By doing so, one is able to leave behind a legacy that will be cherished by generations to come.

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Dr. Nitin Parab
Dr. Nitin Parab is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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