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A Promise

He left her with a hope, a smile, a daughter and a Promise
Promise to never shed tears but to be happy

Everyone else put up issues in her way
That she cannot smile after a disaster that had happened to her
She can't even celebrate events of merry
And she cannot even smile as she used to do before
Her daughter got the eyes just like him
And her smile also was like him
a promise,celebrate life
She never cared of what people will say to her
And she never went down in any matter
And she never cared for anyone but her husband's gift
Her daughter
She celebrated the events with the same light in her eyes
She never cried afterwards and she never tried
The people around spread rumors about her
She was blamed for smiling a year after
The death of her husband
But she continued to smile, and shine
To lead her angel the way that is bright

People said she doesn't love her man
That's why she is smiling and living a happy life again

But the people around never knew the pact
The pact of love and the love they had
She had to live to make her daughter live
She had to smile to make her feel, what is beautiful life
and what her father had planned for her

She never fought with the people around
Because they didn't know the truth underground
But after two decades of happy life
When her daughter became someone's wife
And the time when she was not feeling well
She died of mental stress people gave
After her, her things were brought out
And people realized when her daughter shouts
That the lady was not happy to lose her love
And there was written at the end of the list
That she was just keeping a Promise.

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Zoha Khalid
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