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Don't Give Up

I am currently about to take one of the most important steps in my life. A brand new milestone is here for me to step on and I'm not going to lie, I am NERVOUS mainly because this new milestone is: COLLEGE!

That's right people, I have graduated from high school :) and am about to start an important part in helping my career as a writer grow. It's not as easy as I thought it would be though. I mean, I was used to how my high school had everything set up for getting what classes you want, and what time of day you'd take them. It was very new for me to have to register for the classes and see which ones were even open for me to take! Ha ha. I knew there was going to be a problem with the classes being filled up by the time I wanted to register due to my Ambassador trip. So, in a way, it wasn't a big surprise when I found out that I couldn't get the English class that I wanted because all of the time slots were filled. The same was true for the math class that I wanted (don't think that I'm a math wiz, ha ha I am so not a math wiz).
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I had to make a few big choices toward the end of my senior year regarding my freshman year in college. Was I going to enroll for fall classes? What classes was I going to take? Would I enroll for spring? When should I set up my assessment tests?

The answers all revolved around my trip to Europe as a Student Ambassador, beginning so soon after graduation that my head was still spinning and which took twenty days of my summer. This made my time frame for setting up my assessment tests a little smaller. I discovered that it would have been ideal to enroll in fall classes right in the beginning of summer because the classes fill up QUICK. Oh my goodness they fill up quick! By the time I returned from my trip, and was able to set an appointment for my assessment tests... actually take the tests and then see which classes I'm qualified for, a vast majority of the classes that I wanted to take were already full. I couldn't even get on a waitlist.

That's how full they were!

Now, did I let that push me down and stop me from finding anything? NOPE! :) Instead, I found some classes that would help me improve in my career and help me improve physically. :) "How?" You ask. Well, I decided that if I couldn't take an actual English class, I would find some type of English elective that would round out what I already know about writing or find an English elective that would give me more ideas for my writing. At first I looked for Creative Writing classes. I found them... they were full. Imagine that? However, while scrolling down the list of selections, I found a subject that I've been dying to take. I thought it might be helpful when creating my character histories or backgrounds. There was my answer; I had found English: World Mythology! And there were a few more spots left in the class for the taking! I was so excited to have finally found something that I actually wanted to take and was able to register for it :) I had also found English: Science-Fiction/Fantasy, which I plan to take next semester, with my English class. Another plus, I was starting to figure this system out.

Now, as for the classes that help me out physically; The upside to not really being able to get into the classes that I wanted was that I was able to register for a couple of classes that would be fun for me to take. I could get to know the campus a little better and stay involved in the college. I managed to register for a morning Pilates (type of Yoga) class and a Ballet Fundamentals class in the evening that focuses on barre and floor combinations. Both classes will help me stay in shape and help me keep my healthy habits going :) I love Ballet, but it has been a while so I thought it is wise to stick with the fundamentals. I spent far too long playing hockey.
What I'm really trying to get at is, "Don't give up." No matter what it is, or how left behind you feel, "Don't give up." And if you still can't find the one thing you really want or need, then "What's the next best thing that you can have or do until you are able to get what you want or need?" "How could you make what you're doing fun?" "How can you get the most out of what you are doing now?" Just don't give up, and you'll be able to find a way. :) Nothing will stop me for getting where I need to be. I may have detours, but I'll find a way to make the most of it or learn something from each one. My hope is that you keep pushing through no matter what and find your way! That's what I did, and nervous or not, I can't wait for my classes to begin :)

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