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Stress.. Pressure.. Discomfort

Well! This was a topic that I wanted to address from a very long time. In fact I myself have been through these situations many a times and have lost many battles to come out of the same. As experience grew and exposure increased, I started using certain preached techniques and also discovered few on my own to combat these. In today's busy world wherein people are burdened with 'n' number of work and responsibilities it is quite natural for one to yield to situations of stress, pressure and discomfort. Be it a student or a working individual in any field, there are challenges everywhere that need to be faced and accomplished within predefined deadline with the expected quality. Unwanted restrictions are just making life more miserable for people. So what are the reasons for this and how do we deal with them is the content of the next part.
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Information keeps increasing every day. Restructuring of knowledge evolves continuously. Methods get fine-tuned and new developments are bound to occur in every phase of life. Unfortunately the human mind cannot update itself in comparison to the development happening around. But, in order to survive one is forced upon to improve on a daily basis. There's a famous quote which goes like this "If you are not updated then you are outdated". Indeed the statement is very true. So this simple expectation of everyday growth itself is a big hurdle which is putting people under pressure. Evaluation techniques of one's skills and knowledge are also getting tougher day by day just to filter the rest from the best. This heavy competition is putting tremendous pressure on people to extend their working hours to survive in the competition else they know that they will be washed out. While struggling to update and compete one is surrounded with a lot of other restrictions which make life even more uncomfortable.
The very simple solution logically to deal with this but a bit challenging approach practically is to first give time for you to talk with yourself. The worst thing that can happen to someone is that he/she might die; and death is something that is bound to occur. When you're definite about the worst thing that can happen to you and have accepted it, then anything else is just a passing phase of life for which you don't have to give away your life. Just tell yourself that you will give your best to accomplish everything that is possible and start listing down the tasks that you have to do. "Too many things undone on the mind is stress" - courtesy Er. Sujit Lalwani. Once you have listed down, chart out a rough plan of the approach that you're going to follow and the time you require to accomplish each task. This will clearly tell you if you can complete all of them within the prescribed deadline or not. Then you can reorder the priorities and probably extend the deadline as well as per the new plan to complete all the tasks. As soon as this plan is charted out and finalised you will be surely relieved of all the pressure. Last but not the least important point is to ensure that you enjoy while executing your plan and try to increase your efficiency in order to complete the tasks well before the deadline; so that you have enough time to review the same. I hope this helps you out resolve a lot of things, like it helped me. Wish you a stress-free happy life.

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