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36meals Event

"Bits of food wasted combine to form a meal. To do our bit, we don't need to do BIG things; we just need to take care of bits. Let's pledge to not waste Food!"

Conserving food implies preserving food. So, effective consumption of food is the only solution to avoid food wastage. "A meal saved by us today can become a meal for someone tomorrow"

Event Sponsors:

P.Rajaram Bhat (Food)
Eshwarappa (Food)
Rakesh (Goldsmith who contributed sweets)
Jayalakshmi Srinath (Musician who contributed financially)
Sampanna Kumar (Groceries)
Sushmitha.R (Groceries and Food)

Samhitha.R (Student)

Event Place:

Jana Seva Samruddhi Rural Education Society and Rural Development Society Children's Rehabilitation Centre, #92/1, 14th cross, 6th Main, J.C.Nagar, Kurubarahalli, Bangalore-560086
Ph. No.: 080-65703130

Objective: Food donation to poor and needy children along with creation of awareness about food wastage. Encouraging children to participate in various cultural programs and entertaining them.

Theme: "Education through Entertainment" & "Let's make Education Innovative."
The agenda of the event was mainly to create awareness regarding food wasted knowingly or unknowingly. The children were encouraged in various ways to exhibit their talents confidently. The programme started with seeking of blessings from the Al-mighty with a prayer by children followed by an invocation song by a group of students. Cultural events included group and solo singing, group and solo dancing, short skit, recitation and mimicry. Each and every individual participated actively in indoor games which were conducted. Involvement and participation of each individual in the gathering was incredible. Winners of vari-ous games and cultural programs were distributed with small gifts like colour pencils, sketch pens and crayons. Students who excelled in studies and sports were awarded with gifts. Pencils were distributed to everyone. After the programme, meals were distributed to children, which included sweets and banana.

The feedback from children about the programme was truly motivating. The feedback from orphanage founders and its members was also great. We made the children realize their potential, abilities and also we taught them how in very small ways they could contribute to their society.

Our event was really creative because we accomplished our objective focusing on the interests of children. We emphasized that children should really get benefited in one or the other way and also be really excited throughout the event.

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Aashitha R Pade & Kavya Eswara
Aashitha R Pade & Kavya Eswara is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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