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Angad Singh Saluja


An MBA in Finance from IBS and with handful of experience in the banking industry, Mr. Angad Singh Saluja has come a long way with his entrepreneurial skills in the last few years after being associated with corporate houses like Reliance Mutual Fund and ING Bank. He now heads his own business of car security components, a retail setup of consumer electronics and a firm catering to e-commerce products. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) Degree from Delhi University in 2008 and always was seen taking a keen interest in seminars, symposiums, group discussions and debates throughout his student days. He used to write only for self, till last year as he points out but reading out some poems to certain friends in their gloomy days made him witness the change in them. That is when he struck a chord with everyone and decided to share his writing which could capture real life instances and motivate people. His first book "Chords of Life" has been published which he points out is a collection of real life experiences and stories written in the form of both long and short poems which would easily strike a chord with the readers. His work has been declared as a best seller and also has received great reviews from Hindustan Times, Editors, Publishers, Book Forums and Readers across the nation. "I never was a writer but life just made me one", he says as he talks about his next novel which he is working on currently and is pretty sure about its success as it would be loved by everyone having a heart.
How do you want the world to know you?

Right since childhood, I have seen people craving for fame, money and power. Many of them have genuinely developed some exclusivity in themselves to take them that extra mile. Rest have been just dreaming and waiting for a miracle to happen. I just don't want to be known as someone who belongs to the second category. I want people to know me as a successful entrepreneur and a great writer only after they know my qualities as a human being. I, apart from working hard for my desires, lay extreme emphasis on the society I live in, as I aim for a nation which will be looked up for various aspects of a quality life.

How did you combat the obstacles that challenged you during the initial phase of your entrepreneurial journey?

Starting a new venture is not a cake walk. It always requires an idea, some courage and trust on your ability, apart from other resources which decide your success. Initially, you will witness turned backs, laughing faces and non-serious faces who would just not consider your business idea feasible enough. The most important thing is to have belief in your own self, irrespective of any other thing which I always had since the start. It is perfect to start late, but only after some research, serious brain storming sessions and discussions.

How is running a successful business different from what you thought it would be? How do you think being an entrepreneur has turned you into a better person?

It really does seem very easy to people to start a venture. Some friends of mine who work in the corporate sector always express their desire to start a venture of their own. I just don't say anything to them but, at that moment, I always talk to myself the issues that I cater to every day in dealing with the entrepreneurial environment. The size of investment, your dependency on external parties and the capacity to create an expandable demand sometimes really do not turn the way as one anticipates. They are clubbed up with many other factors and forces which one realizes only after entering a business.

As every situation has two outcomes, being an entrepreneur also has bestowed its share of advantages and failures which have surely helped me in many ways. The way to tackle challenging situations, working in an environment with the slightest of things and ensuring a satisfied work environment are the skills which have been embedded in me. Also, I feel strong now on my conviction skills, time and conflict management.

You've obviously accomplished a great deal. To what do you attribute this success?

Success is nothing but just your own frame of mind. A person might be successful to the world but might feel as a failure while standing in front of a mirror. I have been blessed to have people who look forward to me in different aspects of life. There are many fans who share their life changing scenarios with me after reading my book or my thoughts. I owe all my success to the people who considered me capable enough to be considered as a role model. Heartiest thanks to the Almighty too who is present in every individual.

How did you take care of the financial logistics while you gave birth to your venture? How have you planned to invite investments and funds to your organization for its development and growth?

Financial resources are the crux for any start-up. Without financial stability, a business might not be able to sustain for long. While starting the set-up of consumer electronics, I approached my father for the financial aid. Also we diverted many of the resources from our other group companies which ensured smooth flow of operations. Money saved is money earned and thus saving also played a very important role in this new venture. Going forward we plan to involve banks and other financial institutions for the investments as the size of the scalability is huge and we plan to expand much bigger.

How different is your organization from others existing which work on the same focus areas as yours or does being different matter at all?

Being different for us means, having a strong relationship with the end users so that they get comfortable shopping around. Many large chains have lost the personal touch with the customers as they have just focused on expansion. We would not make the same mistake. Every person craves and falls for importance and we will exploit that beauty. What is the future plan of growth for your organization?

Going forward we plan to open an electronics store in every part of the capital. Once we complete that in the years to come, A-ONE would expand nationally.

What is the message that you want our readers to take back from your story?

With sincere intentions, honest heart and self belief, things do start to look easy. It is important not to give up even if people doubt your plans. Success happens with the right frame of mind and the mind can be healthy only with deep meditation. It's important for the youth to accept the power of yoga and start living their life around it. Improve yourself and see how the society prospers. Also start taking your relationships seriously and give priority to the love of your life. Mistakes are made by everyone and situations keep getting tough, but to quit relations on such grounds is just not acceptable to me. Respect people, be respected and go for the kill.

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